DIY: Little Squirt

DIY Little SquirtThis post is about poo.  So I understand if you want to close this tab, maybe you could read about cake, or 8 ways to use coconut milk.

E started solids, and, to put it politely, it has changed the contents of his nappy.  So much so, that I’m just not willing to let it wash through our washing machine, without some intervention first.

I did a bit of online parenting MCN (abrevs for Modern Cloth Nappies) forum searching and found that the Little Squirt is the G.O.  But those things are expensive and it’s way more fun to make your own.  So we headed to the hardware store and picked up what we thought we’d need.

Diy little squirt piecesThat itself was a bit of an adventure, and what I have listed below is mostly what we used, but after getting home and putting it together, we realised that it wasn’t going to attach to our ancient faucet, so I dashed to the local hardware store, with 20 minutes until close, and spent every one of those minutes attempting to find the pieces that’d fit.

Hopefully you wont have the same problem, I’ve listed below the main pieces we used and hopefully that’s some help.

  • Pistol style squirt head $5.95
  • Hose connector 13mm $5.95
  • Tee 15mm $9.95
  • Plummers tape $1.20
  • Hose clamp 13-23mm $2.95
  • 10mm hose $5.25
  • and a number of different attachments to make it fit our circa 1950’s faucet $12

Little SquirtIt was fun to build something, the pistol connected to the hose connector, then that to the hose, then the other pieces as needed. I was pretty excited once it was made, it took quite some time, and I have to admit, that I waited anxiously for the next poo nappy.  We now have a nappy bucket next to E’s change table for wee nappies, and one next to the toilet for poo nappies, so once we change him, we just take the nappy to the bathroom, spray it off and dump it in the bucket.  For washing, we will just collect nappies from both buckets.

Did you use cloth nappies?  Do you have any tips?


6 thoughts on “DIY: Little Squirt

  1. I love the Little Squirt, but you’re right they are pricey! I was lucky enough to pick one up from our local freecycle group. Hurrah! We use a similar setup with multiple buckets and it works well for us. I find that if I wash at least every two days (sometimes more often) it keeps the nappy supply good and the smell down 🙂

  2. Well…I’m kinda glad those days are behind me. I used Huggies which I know isn’t good for the environment but they certainly are convenient! I think you and your husband are very inventive and good at solving issues xx

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