Food Blogging and Dyson

This post is written in partnership with Dyson.

vacuuming up the mess DysonI love the pretty photos, I LOVE the delicious food, I love making fun new backdrops and collecting pretty photography props, but I don’t love the cleaning up.

Food blogging isn’t all free meals and great food, there’s a lot of time, energy, effort and eating muesli for lunch involved.

food blogging photography

food photography“Oh, I’m photographing muesli, I’d better put some, artistically on the board,” then “oh shit, there’s muesli fallen down between the slats”, or, “bloody hell, E’s crying and I need to move all this crap back to where it lives,” or, “why the hell did I decide to do this, now I have to clean it all up,” or any number of others along the same vain.

dyson and food bloggingThis time wasn’t like that, I just walked the the laundry, took the Dyson DC59 of it’s neat little docking station, unclipped its detachable ‘wand’, clipped on a smaller attachment, and vacuumed those granola chunks right up.

Dyson food bloggingHonestly, one of the best things about having a Dyson, is J’s love of vacumming because ‘guys like things that work, that’s why I love the Dyson’.  He’s showed the vacuum off to other guys who visit and apparently we no longer need to eat toast off a plate because ‘who needs a plate when you have a Dyson?’

Do you do the vacuuming at home? Do you have a Dyson?

8 thoughts on “Food Blogging and Dyson

  1. This is funny! And yes, I do have a dyson, but only the heavy duty one for the floors. Perhaps it’s time to consider something my husband could get excited about using… hmmmmm. Thanks Clare!


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