Prosciutto Part 3


This life, the one that we’ve decided to live, the one where we grow our own, bake our own, preserve our own, well, it’s tough.  There’s amazing highs (our chickens and foraging our own food) and there’s incredible lows (this composting disaster and we mustn’t forget Bitch-face).

All of these experiences we must take with a grain of salt, we’ve asked for them all really, but sometimes you can’t help but get disheartened.

J called me out to the shed two days ago, and what he told me just made me shake my head, turn around and walk straight back inside.  I questioned myself, I questioned whether I should share this, whether the photos are too gross, but it’s all part of it, so here goes.

I’m warning you, it’s gross.

If you have a weak stomach, I urge you to close this tab on your computer/tablet/phone.

Alright, here goes…

There was maggots in the prosciutto.

prosciutoo maggotsDisgusting, right! Just looking at that picture makes me gag!  I’m usually pretty good with these things, but maggots wig me out!

So I told J to chuck the whole ham out, who was going to eat a maggoty, rotting, prosciutto. He was determined to keep it, and as usual, he was right, we needn’t throw it out.

He went down and chatted to Daniel (who help us with Part 1 and Part 2), and it turns out that this has happened to him before.  People kept trying to reassure me that maggots are clean, but I’m still not so sure about that..

Daniel told J to cut the maggoty bit off, to re-salt for 5 days, to cover in chilli powder (to keep the flies away) and rehang. He was also a bit worried about his own prosciutto, so promptly went home to check it out (his also had maggots).

Don’t worry, the cut off bit didn’t go to waste, we tied it up for the chickens, it’ll continue to have maggots breading on it and the chickens will peck them off.  Mmmmm… Yum!

Do you have a weak stomach? Would you have just thrown the whole thing out?

Ham in the chook pen

6 thoughts on “Prosciutto Part 3

  1. wow – well done for keeping it…i think i would have chucked it…we’ve been making salami, pancetta and prosciutto and thankfully never had maggots! Hope it all turns out ok and you get to enjoy some!

  2. How disappointing. After all that effort! I’m off to do a prosciutto course next Wednesday and am looking forward to what I might learn about how prosciutto is made xx

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