Making Prosciutto – Part 2

prosciutto part 2So the time had come to get to stage 2 of making our prosciutto (Part 1 here).  We once again made the trek (we actually drove) down the street with the little one, a black tub and a couple of home brew ciders, to Cafe Indulge.

prosciutto in saltWe slid the big, salt filled tub gently from the cool room, as though it was filled with treasure (in ours eyes, it was) and felt the crust that had developed on the top of the salt.

wash the prosciuttoGently digging into the tub, J got his hands on the 10kg ham and pulled it out, all the while gently brushing the salt off the meat.  He hoisted it in to the sink and started washing the salt away, making sure he got in to all the cracks and crevasses.

washing prosciuttoOnce it was sufficiently salt-free, we put it into the black tub to transport home.  After a couple of ciders and a chat about all things home made, we headed back up the hill home.

prosciutto in the bathThe ham spent the night in the bath with a constant drip of water, allowing the water to circulate, to really make sure all the salt had been removed.  To be honest, the dripping noise was bloody annoying, but it did the trick.

hanging prosciuttoWe now have what looks like a dead body hanging in out shed, between my roller derby gear, the apple press and the clothes drier.  Which made for an interested story when the parks and wildlife lady came for a visit… but that’s another story for another time.

8 thoughts on “Making Prosciutto – Part 2

  1. I’m lovely travelling the journey with you with this 10kg leg of ham. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. And what a process it is! I admire you for persevering through the noise of a dripping tap! xx

  2. Hullo! I found your blog via the Flog Your Blog Pinterest group and have been bouncing around your latest posts.

    As a fan of prosciutto, this story of meat-curing is fascinating! I didn’t realize how much salt had to be used, or that you had to massage the blood away. So interesting!

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