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Red Beard BakeryThings don’t always go to plan.  This seems pretty obvious doesn’t it, but it’s something that I seldom keep in mind.

Red Beard Bakery busyFor J’s birthday I search the interweb for a mushrooming course.  It’s something that we’re both super keen to learn about and I thought this would be a great treat.  Sadly, it turned out that every single mushrooming course, in pretty much the whole of Victoria, was booked out.

red beard book shelfSo I put my feelers out on twitter and asked if anyone know of anything in the area.  It was suggest to look into the Daylesford Neighbourhood Center.  So I sussed them out, and found that they do a Wild Foods Walk on the last Sunday of every month.

red beard bakery bread shelfI got in contact with them and found that it was kid friendly, so put our names down for the end of June, but they were to confirm it the week before.  J’s birthday is the end of July, so I thought it could be an early birthday present.  The last week of June rolled round, and I was yet to hear any confirmation.

red beard breadI gave the neighbourhood center a call and found that it as they hadn’t got enough people to sign up, they wouldn’t be running the course in June, so they transferred our names to the July course.  This was PERFECT, as it was going to be the day after J’s birthday.

red beard bakingAgain, a month went by and I heard nothing.  The week before his birthday, I called to check once again.  Turns out that the date had changed to the 10th of August.  So I checked and double checked and confirmed that it would definitely be running in 2 weeks time, and that I wouldn’t need to call to confirm, and yes, I was told, that would all be fine.  I told J that his birthday present would be coming a little late, but it was a fun day out and he would love it (we don’t give presents).

red beard bakery ovenWe woke on the 10th and got ourselves ready, piled the three of us in the car with all the baby paraphernalia and drove the 2 hours to Daylesford.  Arriving in perfect time to get us a coffee and give E a feed before the walk.  The we sat out the front of the neighbourhood center and waited… and waited… and waited.

Red Beard Bakery LunchI wasn’t surprised when no one showed up, and I’d prepared J with the history of the booking, so neither was he.  And it was ok, because the Daylesford market was on and then we decided to head to the famous Red Beard Bakery.  Which was awesome, because I had heard so much about it and was still yet to go there.

lunch bread red beard bakeryThe range of sourdough is mouth watering and inspiring! The menu was filled with reasonably priced, delicious, simple seasonal fare.  We couldn’t go past the Miller’s Plate which showcased local produce, Istra small goods, house made dip, cheeses, Mount Zero olives and a selection of sourdough bread.  At $29, it was the most expensive thing on the menu, and great value as we were full to the brim when we left, everything else costs around $15.

The service was impeccable.  They were quite busy, and we were told there was going to be quite a wait.  J’s coffee was out within 5 mins and the food not long after that.

small goods, cheese red beard bakeryJ had a coffee, which he said was excellent (the don’t serve decafe or skinny milk as they prefer their food to be as unprocessed and whole as possible), I had a local sparkling cider, with the sole ingredient being apple.

A sourdough loaf and 2 ‘nice’ buns (similar to a hot cross bun) absolutely had to come home with us, and were delicious reminders of a beautiful day in the Daylesford area.  We were also lucky enough to be snowed on that afternoon, a beautiful end to a celebration of local, small businesses, and sporadic birthday surprises.

How do you celebrate birthday’s in your house?  Have to ever had plans go wrong, only to have the alternative turn out perfectly?

red beard bakery take home

12 thoughts on “Red Beard Bakery

  1. Haha, we are the poster children for having plan ‘B’ turn out better, or at least as good as plan ‘A’. When the time is right, a mushrooming course will fall into your lap. That Miller’s Plate looks like our perfect meal, as long as they have gluten free bread for me. Yum.

    1. It was so disorganised. What I didn’t mention was that I received an email on the following Monday, saying that the course date had changed again. I politely replied that we had tried to go the day before but wouldn’t be going again.

  2. Grrr to organisations that can’t get their stuff [trying not to swear] together. How annoying. But that bakery looks so perfect – I can imagine settling in for a few hours with the papers.

  3. Wow, how annoying about the course, considering how much trouble you went to! But yes,sometimes serendipity steps in and saves things. I really want to go to Daylesford, it sounds so heavenly and full of gorgeous things!

  4. Unbelievable. What a comedy of errors. The person running that tour though is very unprofessional for not phoning you to let you know it was cancelled. I’m glad you made the most of your forced changed plans xx

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