8 Ways to Use Coconut Milk (that isn’t curry)

8 ways to use coconut milkI always make sure that I have coconut cubes in the freezer, I think they’re the perfect serving size and if not you can always use two or three.  If I am making a curry, I use a new tin of coconut milk then I put any left overs in ice cube trays.  Every now and again, I’ll open a whole tin to freeze.

coconut milk ice cubes

1. Porridge

I just chuck an ice cube of coconut cream in with my oats or quinoa in the morning for a delicious creamy porridge.

2. Smoothie 

Defrost 1 or 2 cubes and blend up with your favourite combination of fruit, nuts and other smoothie goodness.

3. Satay Salad Dressing

Put a defrosted cube, a big spoonful of peanut butter and a splash of soy sauce in a jar and shake it like a Polaroid picture! Then spoon your desired amount over salad.

4. Make cheats ice cream

Blitz some frozen coconut milk with your choice of frozen fruit (banana or berry) until smooth.

frozen coconut milk

5. Chia pudding

2 cubes of coconut cream, defrosted

2 tbspns of shredded coconut

1 tbspn chia seeds

2 tspn honey

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Stirred together and left to set in fridge over night. Serve with berries and yoghurt.

6. Added to yoghurt

Use Katie180’s trick of stirring some through yoghurt or do this delicious chia/coconut milk/yoghurt combo.

7. Hot Chocolate 

Use coconut cream in hot chocolate instead of milk.

8. Soup

Add a couple of cubes to a soup instead of adding cream.

What’s your favourite way to use coconut milk?


18 thoughts on “8 Ways to Use Coconut Milk (that isn’t curry)

  1. Clare, this is brilliant! I always have leftover coconut milk! Have you explored Malaysian desserts yet? Almost every one uses coconut milk! 🙂


  2. This is making my mouth water!
    I’m going to freeze some tonight so I can use some on my porridge tomorrow morning (and the rest of the week!!) what a fab idea! xxx


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