Making Prosciutto – Part 1

Making Prosciutto Park 1I love the idea of learning about how to do the things of old. Skills that have been put to the wayside as people focus on a life of convenience.

So when our lovely, local barista at Cafe Indulge talked about making prosciutto, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a go, in fact I may have weaseled my way into his prosciutto making master class. This master class didn’t exist until I invited myself into his cafe, after hours, to massage and salt a 10 kg ham.

ham and wineWe bathed the little man, put him into his jammies, rugged him up and jumped in the car for the 2 minute drive to the cafe. Upon arrival Daniel declared that you couldn’t make prosciutto without a glass of wine, so he poured me a small local red, he had a large glass and J cracked a mussel stout from Bellarine Estate.

E and hamOnce E was happily settled on his blanket on the floor in front of the fire (thankfully he’s not mobile yet, so this is safe), we got down to business.

ham 10 kg hamDaniel, being half Italian, makes his own cured meats each year, believing it important that we keep these skills alive.

He got us massaging out the main artery to get all the blood out, leaving the blood in there increases the risks of the ham going rancid. As the vein was massaged, we would pat the blood away with paper towel.

massaging ham rubbing salt into the woundBy this point E had had enough of entertaining himself, so I left vein massaging to J, and I jumped on baby watch and photo taking. Once the drips of blood stopped it was time to rub salt into the wounds. We started by pouring about 500gm of salt onto the ham, making sure to get it into all the cracks, crevices and cuts.

covering in saltFinally, we were ready to immerse the hams in salt. Daniel poured enough in to cover the base of the tub, then the two hams we were working on were placed gently onto the salt, covered and pushed (as we couldn’t lift it) into the cool room.

Here it’ll rest for 11 days, when we will head back to Indulge to commence part 2!

What’s your favourite ‘old’ skill that you have learnt?

two hams in salt

5 thoughts on “Making Prosciutto – Part 1

  1. Dear Clare,
    Via Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and found your blog !!!
    I am happy that I have found you !! I love the way you tell us your story about your live as a self-sufficiant-life.
    Altough I am very old I still love to cook and I am daily cooking for myself.
    I am fully mad about prosciutto and once a week I am buying some ounces of it. BUT now I can make it myself !!! I will let you know if my prosciutto is eateble …….

    1. Hi Hannie, thank so much for your lovely. I’d love to know if you try this method. This is my first time though, so I can’t be sure that it works.

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