Reflecting on July

Making: spun wool.  I’ve started going to the local spinners and weavers club in Geelong on Tuesdays and am loving it.  I love taking E to a different environment, to meet new people, and the ladies love him, so it gives me some time to spin.


Cooking: new things for breakfast, loving this particularly.

Drinking: decaf coffee. I once was a coffee drinker, but not for years, then on a whim I bought a decaf flat white, and loved it.

Reading: on my phone and iPad, mostly while breastfeeding.

Wanting: to get through the paperwork stage of our house build and just start building.

Looking: like an Inuit, with all my layers in today’s crazy storm.

Playing: with a new brownie recipe.

Wasting: not a lot really, the chickens haven’t even been getting much recently.

Sewing: well, hopefully I’ll be knitting this sometime soon.

Wishing: for the sun to shine, for our house build to start, for a holiday to appear, you know, ALL the fun things!

Enjoying: long walks on the beach (well really it’s along the path next to the beach, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it)

Waiting: for summer days.

Liking: being given bags of people’s unwanted clothing. I just go through and pick out the bits I like, and send the rest to the oppy!

Wondering: what Little E might do or be when he grows up. Isn’t it an amazing thing to wonder what these little humans will grow into.

Loving: the fact that with our new semi-routine that J can settle E and out him to bed.  This means I can feed the beautiful boy and then head out of the house, I feel like I’m getting my life back a little.

Hoping: that my inspiration will come flooding back soon.

Marveling: at Little E every day. This week he started making kissing noises at me! So cute!

Needing: to learn how to leave the house solo for a few minutes a day. I love my little family, but I am realising how important it is to have some solo time.

Smelling: warming winter stews and soups bubbling away in the slow cooker.

Wearing: more track suit pants than ever before.

Following: this Facebook page, this Instagram account.

Noticing: that there are flowers blooming and blossoms blooming, the days are getting longer and even slightly warmer.

Knowing: that I’ve been eating crap to sustain me and my breastfeeding, so have cut back a little in the last week or so and am feeling much better for it.

Thinking: about how to keep my inspiration for my blog, it’s been lacking recently.

Feeling: tired one day and alive the next. E is keeping me on my toes.

Bookmarking: recipe inspiration.

Opening: Mail, sadly none of it’s been fun, just all bills, bills, bills.

Listening: to this podcast.

8 thoughts on “Reflecting on July

  1. The spin class sounds like lots of fun. I have never spun wool but I would love to learn as I used to enjoy knitting very much. I hope you’re able to start building your house very soon. And yes, it’s so important to have some ‘me’ time xx


  2. I would love to learn how to spin and then how to use what I’ve spun. Every new mother struggles to keep her -self-. You’re someone’s wife and someone’s mother and it’s work to keep you in the middle. Sounds like you’re doing just that.


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