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Milawa Cheese FactoryI love being a mum, I really do but this last week has really tested me.  It’s been really tough, a little heartbreaking and exhausting!

cheese Last week, we decided to head up to the Victorian Alps, Mount Beauty to be exact, to visit some wonderful friends of ours.  I was really excited for a change in our routine, to get up to the snow, and to visit our friends.

inside Milawa cheese factoryLittle did I know what the result would be.  We’d planned to be up there for three nights, but the first two were so awful that we called it quits and drove the four and a half hours home a day early.  I think over the two nights that we were there, I slept a total of 5 hours.

Milawa CheeseAs all my family and friends know, I don’t deal well without sleep, I’m an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal.  By this point I was ‘crying tired’ and J decided to treat me to breakfast at the QT Falls Creek (which I was so excited about, because QT Gold coast breaky was so delicious).

Milawa menu We piled into the car, drove the very windy 30 mins up the mountain, through ice and snow to the point where we had to put chains on our tires.  J and I jumped out, eager to get to the soft pillowy snow, a blue bird day awaiting us, and started to put on the chains… They didn’t fit.

Brown Brother Moscato By this point, I’d had enough, I was feeling sorry for myself, I was crying and wondering if I’d ever again be able to do something that I wanted, something for myself.

J and ESo as a treat on the drive back to Portarlington, we stopped at the Milawa Cheese Factory for lunch and a cheeky glass of local wine.  The food was simple, delicious and mostly locally sourced.

The cafe was family friendly, with many babies sitting in high chairs or on their parents knees and the service delightful.  Cheese tastings currently cost a gold coin, with all funds raised going to cancer research, but it’s definitely worth it, as the cheeses are all mouth watering.

Milawa Cheese Factory Tasting Plate We continued our drive home, all the while I was keeping my fingers crossed that E would sleep better at home.  Sadly, this wasn’t to be the case.  A baby who usually self settles within minutes, fought sleep and screamed until midnight, when J jumped in the car and drove 40 minute round trip to a friends house to grab their baby panadol (something we’ll never not have in the house again).

Milawa tasting plateWe believe the little one is teething, some people say this is early, but all the signs are there.  He’s unsettled, chewing on everything, there’s spit everywhere and keeps grabbing at his mouth.  I feel so sorry for him, but keep getting reminded that we’ve all been through it, that it’ll end soon and that he won’t remember.

For now, I’m just giving him lots of hugs, lots of milk and panadol.

Did you ever wonder if you will ever get to do something on your terms again?  Something just for you?  Did your kids go through teething horrors?  Any tips?Cajun Prawn Pizza

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  1. Oh it’s so hard. My babies were both terrible teethers and it interrupted their sleep and moods every single time a tooth was coming through. My eldest is almost 6 now, so she’ll start losing teeth soon and I have to admit I feel slightly bitter that we all lost so much sleep over the growing of those teeth and now they’re going to fall out!

    As for advice – different people say different things work. Some swear by those amber teething necklaces, others use Panadol/Nurofen, homeopathic teething remedies, teething gels. All have given us some sleep relief intermittently. I’ve also found letting them chew on a frozen teething toy can numb their gums and help a bit. Do whatever you need to get some sleep – S and I don’t like having the kids in our bed but during teething times the girls just wanted me so I brought them in so we at least got some sleep. (And they went back to their normal sleep patterns easily in between each tooth.)

    1. Megan, comments like yours make me realise that we’re all in it together! He has worn an amber bracelet since he was 3 months old, Panadol was most definitely out friend over those nights but the gels didn’t seem to do anything. It’s nice to know that they revert to normal sleeping patterns once these tough times are over!

  2. Oh Clare I hear you! I had a mega meltdown the day after my Birthday. We were at the coast. I had in my head that I’d be able to do the things we normally did at the coast and I didn’t get to do anything and was really not happy. It gets easier it really does!
    Ollie got teeth early too. Best thing was Brauer teething gel. It’s homeopathic and he seemed to love the taste. I’d smother it on his gums then stick the dummy in and it seemed to help. I found baby nurofen much better than the panadol too but you can do them at the same time. Just ring the pharmacy and ask how. A wet washer to chew on was good too.
    Ollie is usually a happy baby who self settles really well and he was a crying, clingy nut when he was teething. I didn’t know what was going on and the second I got to mother’s group everyone agreed there was something up. You’ll see the little toothy pegs soon. Just lots of pain relief and cuddles. Leave E with someone for an hour or two and go and do something for yourself! xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely tips Claire! I’ve started leaving E with J a bit more and going out for a walk or run, I think next week we’re even going to have a date night, with my Dad looking after the little one. It’s definitely helping me feel a little more sane!

  3. Poor you. I did everything I could think of and not much worked. I used the gel on the gums, put the teethy things in the fridge and even the freezer and they’d help for a few minutes. Once you’re sure that it’s teething and you know that it’s just something you have to wade through, it’s much easier. Like you, it was early and people kept telling me it couldn’t be teeth and I stressed that he wasn’t okay.

    I love Milawa Cheese! We used to live in Wodonga and would head down to Brown’s for lunch and always stopped at the cheese factory to load up before heading home.

    1. Maureen, that’s exactly how I was feeling! Even the doctor said to me that it probably wasn’t teeth. And although things seemed to have settled now, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. The maternal and child health nurse, said that they can move around for months. How good is the cheese!

  4. Oh Clare, this took me back to a shocker of a holiday we had when our eldest was 2 and our second was 8 months old. It was the worst holiday ever punctuated by 4am starts and ongoing asthma concerns with our eldest as the house we rented in Blairgowrie was old and dusty. I also had a relapse of tonsilitis and stacked the car. The good news is that it definitely gets better and easier and we have enjoyed some great holidays since. Freedom is possible (I’ve enjoyed several girls weekends since I stopped breast feeding my third 2 years ago) and we have a lot more flex these days. Hang in there, enjoy what you can and have low expectations. That’s what I tried to do anyway. x

    1. Oh Vanessa, that sounds just awful! I giggle when I read to have low expectations! I think you’re absolutely right!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear it was such a disaster. I know all about being sleep-deprived and it’s one of the worst forms of torture. I do hope the teething phase comes and goes quickly xx

    1. It seems to have settled now Charlie, and we’re getting into a bit more of a regular routine.

  6. Ah, Clare! I totally know how you feel… when my youngest was born (now 3), he had colic and cried & screamed in my face for 6 weeks straight. There was no break. There was no putting him down. There was no showering. There were no public outings. It was a traumatic marathon of tears (and gray hair for me) that I thought would never end. Advice was coming from all over the place and my head was spinning. A friend suggested yoga, and after lots of persuasion I got into taking classes. It was a wonderful mental and physical release, and the best part was the family and friends who offered to babysit! I think it’s very hard as a mum to take time for ourselves, but if you can, in whatever form that might be it is totally worth it. You are doing a wonderful job!! x Emilie
    PS- in terms of teething, I used some wonderful homeopathic gels and tablets that melted under the tongue. I’m not sure of the brands you have over there, but I’m sure you will find similar 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Emilie for your beautiful comment! I’ve taken to going for about a 30 minute walk alone when J gets home from work. It’s doing wonders for my sanity!

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