Reflecting On June

Making: our fridge very empty while I avoid doing the groceries.
Cooking: with the last few things in the fridge/freezer, tonight we’re having spaghetti bolagnase.
Drinking: not enough water.
Reading: receipts, invoices and quotes.
Wanting: a day at a day spa, quiet, relaxing and refreshing.
Looking: like a tradie… I’d like to think so anyway.
Playing: the radio in the mornings.
Wasting: time, but sometimes that’s not only okay, it’s necessary.
Sewing: crocheting, my first pair of booties for E.
Wishing: that some things would go quicker.
Enjoying: slow rainy days.
Waiting: for our building permits to come through so we can keep working on the house.
Liking: having J home for a five day weekend.
Wondering: if we’ll be in our house by Christmas.
Loving: being alive right now. Life is making me cry with happy tears.
Hoping: that I don’t come crashing down from this life high.
Marveling: at how wonderful and full life can be.
Needing: a new pair of slippers.
Smelling: stove top chai tea simmering away.
Wearing: my building jeans and nursing singlet most days.
Following: so many lovely people on Instagram.
Noticing: that time goes too quickly.
Knowing: that these winter days will pass too quickly.
Thinking: that life can’t get much better!
Feeling: excited by life and all the goings on.
Bookmarking: all the various things I can do to improve on my little space on the internet.
Opening: the cookie jar waaay to often.
Listening: to the quiet in our house right now.

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