5 Reasons That You Should Absolutely Never Get Chickens

Reasons Not to get chickens1. You’ll never be able to buy eggs again. 

Your chickens will lay the richest, yellowest, happiest eggs (yes happiest) you’ve ever tasted, and if you run out, buying eggs will be like selling your soul.

2. You’ll never get a sleep in again.

I love lazy, weekend lie-in. But once we got chickens we always had to get up on time to feed them. And if you don’t, they make sure you know it (they’re loud)!

3. You’ll never be able to make a compost pile. 

We barely create enough scraps for our chickens, let alone a compost heap. We’re also very lucky that my parents collect their scraps for our girls too.

4. Say good-bye to your grass.

We have a fenced off area in our backyard that it now completely dirt. They’ve dug up every millimeter of grass that was there. We’re now fencing off areas in their fenced off pen to put down grass seed for them to eat.

5. The expense and experiments 

We wanted more chickens so we got bitch face, Gertrude got clucky so we got eggs, there were mites, rats and sparrows to contend with. But it’s all part of the adventure and experience.

Really, I love our chickens and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In fact, we’re hoping to get a few more.

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons That You Should Absolutely Never Get Chickens

  1. Brendan really wants to get chickens – I am a little apprehensive but I love the idea of a constant supply of fresh, delicious eggs!

  2. ha ha, too true. I almost cry when I need to buy eggs at a supermarket it takes me about 15 minutes to read each label checking that they are organic and do free range a paddock. No gimmicks for me. It is an experience I do maybe twice a year. However now with 26 chooks our grass is now a bomb zone of chook poo. Yes we have the space however walk near the chook pen – you better be careful.

    1. Since we’ve had chickens, we’ve only bought 2 dozen eggs. I think that’s pretty good in 18 months!

  3. How is number 1 a bad thing haha. On the other hand, though, I imagine the compost deficit is quite a challenge. I usually use mine for my garden, so if I had chickens that would definitely be an issue. The lack of lazy lie-ins is also problematic 😀
    On a serious note, having seen the chickens on pics around your blog, I’d say the hard work is totally worth it and it’s paying off.

    1. Hi Paul, they were all tongue in cheek reasons. I love our chickens, and struggled to find 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get chickens. 🙂

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