RIP Peach Tree

fruiting peach tree

It’s always sad saying good bye to an old friend.  Ever since we’ve lived in our rental, we’ve scaled the back fence over to what is now our new block and picked as many peaches as we could.

peach tree fruiting


Last season we filled this black bucket and made two batches of peach cider (neither of which worked as planned), peach cake and some fruit leather.

digging out the peach tree

Since we bought the block we’ve spent countless hours Googling ‘how to transplant mature peach tree’, ‘how long can peach tree survive out of the ground’, ‘how to prune mature peach tree’, and so many other peach tree related YouTube videos.

We also spent a lot of time talking to people, trying to find a home for our tree.  Sadly, it was fruitless (pun intended).  When then started to think about re-planting it on our block once the house it built, but with the block being so small, the house will take up most of the space, we can’t plant it until the house it built, and don’t know if it’ll survive until then.

transplanting peach treeSo we cut a few shoots from last season, we’ve bought a new peach tree and in the spring we’re going to have a go at grafting one of the shoots from the original tree to the new one.

J was quite heart broken by cutting down the tree today, he felt devastated about cutting down a food source, but sadly there was no other option. We tried really hard to keep it, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Rest in peace peach tree, long live your memory in our grafted 3-way stone fruit.

Have you ever transplanted a fruit tree?  Ever grafted? Got attached to an inanimate object?   


9 thoughts on “RIP Peach Tree

  1. It almost never works – we’ve tried on a couple of occasions (once with large camellias) – but we’ve never managed to successfully transplant a large tree. Ah well, you didn’t have much choice. It was pretty laden with fruit though – hopefully you can graft a shoot! 🙂

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