Backyard Chickens – Update

chicken run

It’s been  while since I updated you on Gertrude, Poppy and Maude.  They’re doing well.  Poppy is a little under the weather.  She’s looking a little less sparky than usual, her comb not a red, and feathers not as glossy.

Our girls have dug up everything inside their fenced off area.  So last weekend, J got out the roll of chicken wire and fenced off a run so that we could put some grass seed down.  Once it has grown, we’ll take the fence down, so that they can get back into it and scratch it all up.backyard chickens

We’re trying to let the girls live the good life now because once we move to the new place, they won’t even have half the run that they do now.  While we anthropomorphise the chickens and imagine that they’ll be very upset about being ‘cooped up’.

chicken coop

We’re not getting very many eggs, maybe only 5 a week, which is not enough to sustain our egg eating and baking habits.  We may need to add more chickens, but so far we haven’t had too much luck with that.  Do you have any tips for adding layers?  What age do you think is best?

fenced off chicken coop

11 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens – Update

  1. It does sound like you chickens have been a bit of an adventure 😉

    have you thought about getting a chicken tractor that you can move around the garden – but is secure? We have wild dogs and foxes so have to keep ours super secure. We have a Royal Rooster pen that we’ve been very happy with. there’s no way they could get out of it.

    1. We haven’t thought about a chook tractor. At the moment they have so much room and soon, there won’t be enough space to move them around. But I do love the idea in theory.

    1. I’m really excited for the new location of their pen, it’ll be right out the front of our kitchen window.

    1. You should keep trying, they’re so much fun. I think we need to get a couple more chickens.

  2. My girls aren’t laying a thing, but I have added new layers to the brood a few times. My advice would be to get two or three, introduce them gradually, and make sure they have a separate nesting box to begin with-they can be territorial beasts! I got some bantams, they are gorgeous and really friendly-great layers too! (Except not now it’s cold)

    1. We’re getting no eggs either! We’ve got two nesting boxes, so we should be ok with them all having their own spaces. I really want bantams, but J isn’t keen.

      1. Bantams are awesome. We have 6 – 3 English Game, 1x Rosecomb, 1x Ancona and 1x White Sussex.

        The White Sussex lays the largest eggs but she gets broody more than any of the others. The English Game girls are packed full of personality and lay a decent sized egg.

        The Rosecomb has laid an egg once that we know of. She is an ex-show hen and I think was penned up full time for the 6 months of her life before I got her, so she did not know she was a chicken and it has been a big learning curve for her. Still I would not part with her, she is a darling.

        The Ancona is very pretty but extremely flighty and hates humans. She lays the second largest egg.

        We got ours at the chicken auctions in Berry and Goulburn NSW. I don’t know what auctions are like in Melbourne but I do find the chicken forums useful – Backyard Poultry is the one I spend the most time at.

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