Garden Update June 2014

Our garden has been a little neglected since I fell pregnant.  I had all the plans to get planting once E was born but then we bought the block and I couldn’t justify planting, as we were just going to have to leave it behind.  Although, I’ve since realised/come to terms with the fact that we will still be in the rental until well into summer.

But there’s still a few things happening.  The rhubarb continues to grow, but I’m not sure what’s happened to it’s leaves.  Do you know?


We came across this chilli plant in our back garden.  We’d planted a huge amount of seeds and this was the only plant that came up, which I suppose is better than nothing, because really we thought that we weren’t getting any.

chilli plant

There’s still a few herbs growing, spring onions, shallots and rosemary.  I use the rosemary so often!

onions and rosemary

This is our back garden (you can see what it used to look like here).  That hole in the fence leads to our new block, it’s pretty perfect really.  We decided that as that bit of the fence was rotten, and we own it, that we’d cut it down for access and replace it once we were done building.

back garden bed

What’s happening in your garden?

8 thoughts on “Garden Update June 2014

  1. Clare, having the block right next door is such a blessing – you’ll be able to keep an eye on the building every step of the way! I think your garden is still providing you with heaps – it’s amazing how even a little bit of homegrown veg makes such a difference. And chilli seeds can be notoriously hard to germinate – our strike rate is always really low as well! 🙂

    1. It really makes life so much easier, as we’re owner building one of us needs to be on site at all times.

  2. I know what you mean by babies/children getting in the way of getting anything done! I think you’re doing a fantastic job with all the challenges you’ve been facing. It’s a real blessing to have your garden right next door and anything it produces must be so exciting xx

    1. The veggie garden is right in our back yard, the block behind us is our new block that we’re building on. It’s so great that it’s so close.

  3. Life does get busy and gardening does take time. If I had a choice of playing with a baby or getting out the hoe, I know what I’d choose. Babies don’t keep. 🙂 It’s what my grandmother once told me and she’s right.

    1. You’re absolutely right about babies not keeping, I can’t believe how big he is already!

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