Curry Night and Chicken Korma

Chicken KormaI grew up with a super close group of family friends.  I consider the parents of these families as close as aunties and uncles, people that I could call on if I ever needed any help, and all the kids are a close as siblings!

In fact I was reminded recently that I went out for coffee with one of the fathers of these families after a particularly bad break up.


It’s as important for partners to get approval from these families as it is from your own family, when your part of this close knit group.  The same father I went for coffee with after the break-up, gave J ‘the talk’ after we got engaged.

You know, the ‘if you ever hurt her, you’ll have us to deal with’ talk. I didn’t know this until well after our wedding.


These families are also the same crew who we’ve been camping at Blanket Bay for the last 17 years.

heating curry's

So when we were invited to a curry night with everyone we jumped at offer and asked what we could bring.  We had recently made a chicken korma in the slow cooker, that was absolutely delicious, and with heaps of homemade curry paste left, this was definitely on the cards.

set table

In the end there was two chicken curry’s a lamb rogan josh (cooked by my parents), and two veg curry’s, for 10 of us.  There was a lot of food.curry pots curry

The curry’s, served up with raita, papadums, various breads and enthralling conversation, were all delicious!  I was sad that I hadn’t decanted the curry from our slow cooker pot to my Le Chasseur pot to match the rest (would have made for great photos), but that didn’t effect the taste.
veggie and chicken curry's plated curry

The host had made this absolutely stunning raspberry sorbet, which was served with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.  I’d never thought to serve sorbet with cream, the pairing was perfection, as it cut through the tartness of the sorbet.berry sorbet

Do you have family friends that are closer than family? How do you feel about pot luck dinners?


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  1. When I was in the states I had friends and family like that but not since moving over here. I suspect I’m the old one. 🙂

    These curries sound wonderful! What a great party.

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