In My Kitchen… June 2014

In my kitchen…

…three bunches of basil, bought from the market for 50c a bunch, waits to be turned into pesto.  They were pretty sad bunches, but I couldn’t pass them up.  It’ll be great to have some pesto sitting in the fridge ready for a dash of basil freshness to a winter meal.


In my kitchen…

… sit a new cake plate and tea pot. I’ve been looking for a loaf plate for ages and I found these both at my local oppy last Friday. I picked them up off the floor, where they had only just been put, and where yet to be priced. I got them for a steal! $1.50 for both, I only had $2, so I let them keep the change.

cake and tea

In my kitchen…

… E’s high chair sits waiting.  He’s still yet to sit up, hold his head up for any length of time, or show any interest in food, but my sister and I went to Ikea last week, so I had to pick one up.

high chair

In my kitchen…

… ok, it’s actually in the shed, but it will one day soon be in a kitchen.  This is our brand new oven, the first thing we bought for our new home.  And of course, the most important!  It’s a 5 burner, stainless steel gas cook top and free standing electric oven.  I can’t wait to use it.  But for now I’ll have to settle, planning and building a kitchen around it.


In my kitchen…

…our fruit bowl is full of persimmons.  I’ve never eaten or cooked them before.  So do you have any tips?  My dad picked them up from a house he walks past on his way to and from work.

persimmonWhat’s in your kitchen this month?  Pop on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to have a look into kitchens all around the world.


44 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… June 2014

  1. Hi Clare,
    the plate is gorgeous. We just sold the exact same hair chair on the weekend. It is a great one, so simple and easy to clean. How exciting to have your oven there ready and waiting 🙂 I have been waiting to unpack mine from storage for 3 years ! One day…

  2. G’day Clare and love your persimmons photo! It really speaks to me!
    I’ve seen some lovely persimmons spice muffin recipes…YUM!
    I love a good bargain and your plate is great!
    Thank you also for your kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. Hi Clare, thanks for the tour! I always have trouble stopping home made pesto going black in the fridge. I’ve tried lots of olive oil, but with no luck. Do you have this issue? How long does yours normally last in the fridge? Any tips would be most appreciated 🙂

    1. I’ve never had it in the fridge for too long. The stuff we made, we froze and it seems to still be pretty green.

  4. How exciting to have a new oven. And the persimmons are gorgeous but I’m not sure of what to do with them besides eat them! You certainly scored a bargain with the basil – I think I pay around $3.00/bunch which is ridiculous for something you can so easily grow. I’m very aware of that high chair and it brings back lots of memories! xx

    1. The oven is sooo exciting! And the basil was too cheap to ignore, I made pesto and froze it.

  5. Don’t you just love a great bargain! And I’m so jealous of your gas cook top as I only have a 2 burner electric stove top 🙁 I look forward to seeing it installed in your kitchen! Liz

    1. I love a good bargain! I can’t wait for the oven to be installed in our new place for all the different reasons!

  6. Wow, bargain basil! I dont think I could resist that either…..perfect for pesto! The persimmons look gorgeous too- keen to see what you do with them! Enjoy your loaf plate and teapot- good excuse to bake, drink tea and sneak in some quiet time! Thanks for letting me have a squiz in your kitchen! xx

    1. The basil is now pesto. Sadly the persimmons went to the chickens, they went too soft to use.

  7. I hate to admit that I eat persimmons without doing anything to them but cutting them up. They never last long enough to cook with. I need to buy more, obviously. I LOVE your plate and teapot. I can’t get over the price. Our op shops are ridiculously expensive. $5 for a plate. Can’t be bothered at that price. 🙂 Nice high chair. It will get lots of use very soon.

    1. Maureen, I tried eating the persimmon, but I found it made my mouth so dry! I love this high chair because it’s so simple to wipe down.

  8. Clare that last photo is stunning!
    Where did you get the liner for E’s highchair? I’m going to need one of those. You will have him in it in no time! How exciting to have a new oven waiting for you.

  9. Your new stove is very exciting! And I’m sure the high chair will come into use very soon – E’s growing so fast! Tea pot and loaf plate were a great buy! Hope you’re getting some sleep! xx

  10. You’re so funny with the high chair but of course it will be being used before you know it. I have heard that skins of persimmons need to be almost translucent without a hint of firmess for them to be truly enjoyed. I’ve had persimmon chutney which was nice so if all else fails grab a bottle of vinegar. xx

    1. The high chair was too good to pass up, so easy to clean! Sadly, I threw the persimmons out, because I thought they were over ripe, but it sounds like they were perfect.

  11. Persimmons are so expensive over here that I buy them in threes and just eat them. Far too precious to do anything else with them so very jealous of yours.

    1. Oh Anne, sadly I gave them to the chickens. I thought they were overripe, but turns out that they were probably perfect.

  12. My family love waiting till the persimmons are so ripe, their insides are just turning goey soft. That’s when they’re messiest and sweetest.

  13. Your new oven! So exciting!! I seriously CANNOT WAIT for the day we redo our kitchen and put in a lovely big, oven. It will be life changing! xx

  14. Long time since I had a high chair in my kitchen. Enjoy your new oven and I am sure you will love testing it. Thank you for the peek into your kitchen. 🙂

  15. Love that teapot and the highchair – we had that highchair and it was great for wiping down and not taking up too much room. I think you really need to make a persimmon loaf cake for your new loaf plate 🙂

    1. That’s exactly why I got this high chair! I should have absolutely baked a persimmon loaf cake, but sadly I threw them to the chickens.

  16. I have some persimmons here too and am not a massive fan – they are still quite firm. I’m excited about your new oven – I still smile every day when I see mine and I’ve been using it for over two years 🙂

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