Reflecting on May

Making: a right ol’ mess.
Cooking: a chicken korma in the slow cooker for a pot luck curry night tonight.
Drinking: so much tea, all in pots, all loose and mostly black tea with milk.
Reading: Farm City by Novella Carpenter. I borrowed it from the library (how much do you love the library), and it’s the first book I’ve attempted to read since E arrived.
Wanting: to do all the things at once, but knowing E dictates my days, so I have to slow down and enjoy the tea.
Looking: at house plans, kitchen designs and how a laundry will fit in a cupboard.
Playing: the radio every morning.
Wasting: left overs. I forget they are in the fridge and I forget to eat lunch most days.
Sewing: I’m not but my mum has been sewing and knitting clothes for E, you can see them on my Instagram.
Wishing: that there was more time in the days.
Enjoying: the absolutely stunning sunsets that come with Autumn.
Waiting: for settlement to take place on our block so we can start building things!
Liking: studying. I’ve started the Feature writers course through the Australia Writers Center.
Wondering: how I will get to use that course after I’m done.
Loving: seeing E grow and change every day. This week he started rolling over. Proud mamma right here!
Hoping: that he doesn’t grow too quickly.
Marvelling: at how big E is. We met a newborn yesterday who is bigger than be was when he was born.
Needing: to find ways to be mentally stimulated while having full days of baby feeding.
Smelling: the slow cooker working it’s magic.
Wearing: my new country road boyfriend jeans and my leather jacket.
Following: E’s patterns through the day.
Noticing: how people always appear as you need them in your life.
Knowing: that this week is the last of calm for a while.
Thinking: writing, blogging, learning, building, painting, feeding, cooking, walking, designing, styling…
Feeling: as though I need to relish life as it is right now, because I’ll never be here again.
Bookmarking: new recipes I want to try.
Opening: and refreshing certain websites, waiting for feed back.
Giggling: at just how wonderful life is right now.
Listening: to 3 lessons a week for my course, in between naps, feeding, crying and entertaining a baby.

What have you been up to this month?

6 thoughts on “Reflecting on May

  1. Woah, that’s a pretty full on load! I don’t know how parents do it…I haven’t left home today, it’s 12.30 & I’m going stir crazy!!

  2. It sounds really busy! I do hope you enjoy the course – I subscribe to their newsletter and it does seem they have a lot of wonderful courses on offer. I’m off to a potluck dinner tomorrow night and I’m taking chicken curry – wish I had your recipe! xx

    1. It really has been busy, but I don’t think it’s going to slow down any time soon.

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