Camping with The Reilly’s

A really important part of our life is being outdoors.  Camping, hiking and travelling are not going to cease just because E has come into our lives.  As you might know Blanket Bay is pretty near and dear to our hearts, with my family camping there for the last 17 summers and any time throughout those years as well, and getting married there just over 2 years ago, it’s any wonder that it took 6 weeks before we dragged E down there.

clouds Baby E camping camp kitchen afternoon nap wine, fire, ocean keeping baby warm going for a walk sun on ocean E first campfire corn on fire sunrise at Blanket Bay

It was a cold weekend, but we all managed to keep warm with many layers of down clothing.  It was so lovely to spend evenings sitting by the fire, to spend days walking along the beach and us adults even got an afternoon nap.

When we returned home, I felt rebooted.  It was a fantastic chance for me to find myself, since becoming a mother and remember what I wanted out of life.  I wrote this post while I was there and enrolled in the Australian Writers’ Centre Newspaper and Magazine Feature writing course the day I got home.

Do you find a couple of quiet days make the world of good for you?  Do you need to do something that’s just for you?


14 thoughts on “Camping with The Reilly’s

  1. Oh I love camping as well. It does just make me feel so much better and refreshed in the mind. We’ve been camping twice with bub and enjoyed it both times. We want to get a camper trailer to make it a bit easier in setting up and packing up. Can’t wait for warmer weather to go again.

    1. I’ve been thinking about a camper trailer. First we’re going to upgrade to a big tent like the one in these pictures, we borrowed it.

  2. Looks lovely. We adventured so much more when our girls were babies – they’re so easy when they’re little. We really have to make an effort to do it more though. You’ve inspired me! xx

  3. Looks absolutely wonderful. I loved camping with my babies – so much more peaceful in many ways than now that they’re running everywhere! 😉 And yay for enrolling in the course too! I think camping is great for clearing your mind enough to see what you really want to do next.

  4. You are AMAZING. Its six weeks and I am on my own for the next two weeks with Roy back to work. You have inspired me to give an overnight trip a go, most likely to one of our folks places but being in a car for over 3 hours could be a test for all of us.

    1. Thanks Lizzie. It was super fun! I’m going to struggle next week when J is away for a few days.

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