A Big Week in the Reilly Household

Reilly Family

As some of you may know, just over a week ago we welcomed Elliot Thomas Reilly into our family.  It was an adventurous journey into the world, and are we ever thankful for the medical facilities available to us in Australia.

I think he’s the most perfect, beautiful thing ever!  It’s been a week of ups and downs, mostly ups though, as we get to know him, and learn about having another human in our house and family.

Baby Reilly

Some of you may have also seen that we purchased a house block this week.  It was happening throughout the last few weeks of my pregnancy and finally this week all was approved and the sold sign went up.  We will begin building on it as soon as possible.

We don’t do anything by halves here.


24 thoughts on “A Big Week in the Reilly Household

  1. Double congratulations!!! There much goodness in your world right now and so many exciting things ahead of you. Elliot is just perfect. I can’t wait to watch your build unfold! xx

    1. Thanks Katie, there really is so much goodness in our world. Something it’s a tough things to remember.

    1. I think he’s perfect Claire! The house plans are off and racing, I was thinking of doing some updates on here, or maybe even starting another blog (because I don’t have enough going on).

  2. You really don’t do anything by halves, do you Clare? Such glorious news, and such a gorgeous little man, all the very best to all three of you!! Lots of love! Wish we were closer so I could beg for a cuddle! 🙂 xxx

  3. Congrats on your little boy; he’s gorgeous! What a special time for all of you. Congrats also on buying a block of land – how exciting to be building your own home! You have so many exciting things going on in your lives! xx

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