Another Failed Egg-speriment!

I think it’s a great lesson in life to remember, that not everything goes to plan.  I mean, life is generally pretty great, day-to-day but sometimes things go awry and we mustn’t loose hope that things will work out for the best the next time.

When I was camping over the summer, J called me up concerned that Gertrude was broody.  In my state, I couldn’t have been more happy for her.  I mean why not share the baby growing/making love around, and then our babies would be very close in age.

To me there was only one option; find her some fertalised eggs and allow her to fulfil her natural instincts.

city chicks

So we did some research abotu what kind of chickens we wanted in our coop, after the last egg-speriment we wanted to be sure of what we were getting.  Sussex seemed to be what we were after and I chose speckled because they looked pretty.

We ordered the eggs and waited, all the while Gertrude was still broody (this is now about 2 weeks after the initial phone call), and finally the eggs arrived.

spotted Sussex eggs

We went out and snuck them under her.  She fluffed up and looked so proud of her achievement.  My made up commentary of her thoughts went something like this:

“Eggs?  Of course there are eggs here, they’re mine and I did it.  I knew it’d work if I sat here long enough.”

Gertrude on the nest

Sadly it was $75 dollars down the drain, because 10 days in, she decided that she’d had enough, she missed playing with Poppy and Maude and simply got off the nest.  We noticed that she was off the nest, but she had been all through the initial 10 days, but we were noticing she was spending more and more time off her eggs.

Sadly, we noticed too late to incubate the eggs in any other way and we lost our babies.  Gertrude, however, didn’t seem to notice that she’d just lost her babies and was wondering around like she once again owned the joint.

Just a few days later when I went into the chicken coop, it looked as if the girls had had a sleep over and a pillow fight, white feathers were everywhere.  She lost her tail, all the feathers down her back and up her chest.  She looks a right mess.

Gertrude moltingThe feathers seem to be grown back now and she’s got her old attitude back.  She laid her first egg recently, after nearly 2 months with only 2 of our chickens producing on alternate days, we were excited to find that white egg.

Have you ever had failed garden experiments?


8 thoughts on “Another Failed Egg-speriment!

  1. Poor Gerty! I used to have a broody hen and I did the same thing. I was sure the eggs were duds because the day came and went and she never moved from the nest.

    Then one morning I went out and these two cute little heads popped out under her skirt. I had the best time with those babies.

    1. I wish we’d got the cute little heads popping out from under the skirt, sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

  2. aren’t chooks funny? full of life and character. i love that glazed, mean look they get on their face while sitting on a next. it’s like ‘back off, don’t mess me with and the eggs’ !
    but oh, what a waste of $75…

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