In My Kitchen… March 2014

In my kitchen…

…a pomegranate tree waits patiently to be planted out into a pot.  A friend gave us this plant as a baby shower gift as a ‘delicious symbol of the work of women’s bodies’.  I was so excited to receive it and am now waiting in anticipation for it’s first fruit (which I know is a long time away).

pomegranate tree

In my kitchen…

… is a half drunk case of Bionade.  It’s a non-alcoholic brewed soda, 100% organic and comes in four unusual but delicious flavours, lychee, ginger & orange, herbs and elderberry.

I was a little curious and hesitant to try herb but it has since become my favourite. These drinks have been a godsend through the final weeks of pregnancy, when looking for an alternative to a beer or cider in the still hot but fading days of summer.


In my kitchen…

… a handful of chilli’s from Kyrstie (A Fresh Legacy).  She so lovely-ly bought me a bag of veggies from her garden when we had lunch together last week.  The other delights were added to a salad over the weekend.


In my kitchen…

… sits a jar of my first ever homemade toasted muesli.  At the moment I’m loving finding recipes on Instagram.  I found this muesli recipe on Tom Organic’s feed and it is absolutely delicious.

toasted muesli

In my kitchen…

… is The Anatomy Of A Smoothie from Sneh at A Cooks Republic.  I’ve been drinking more and more smoothies and have been running out of inspiration.  This list is now attached to my fridge and I refer to it daily.

What fun things are in your kitchen this month?  Head on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see what others have in their kitchen’s this month.


18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… March 2014

    1. We’d actually meet at ProBlogger last year, but it was nice to be able to catch up again, and have a proper conversation. I can’t wait to plant the pomegranate.

    1. I’m absolutely loving the muesli! I think our pomegranate will need a bigger pot very soon.

  1. The muesli looks great! I love making my own because then I get to add my favorite seeds and nuts. And what a special gift that pom tree is! Watching it grow and bear fruit is such a nurturing
    activity/ Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Heidi. I can’t wait to get our first pomegranate off the tree.

  2. Clare, not long to go now, how exciting! Glad you found a drink to keep you cool through these last hot months. And the muesli looks stunning!

  3. you have an interesting kitchen – I only heard of bionade for the first time this week but didn’t know you could buy it in Australia – sounds intriguing – and that museli looks wonderful. The anatomy of a smoothie looks an interesting list – we are really into passionfruit in smoothies lately

    1. The bionade is definitely worth a look into! I’ve never tried passionfruit in a smoothie, so I’m absolutely going to give it a go.

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