In My Garden… March 2014

in my garden march 2014

This is our whole garden haul for a day.  Pretty dismal isn’t it.  I’ve missed a few Garden Share Collective posts, and well, so has our garden.  Before Christmas I just couldn’t muster the motivation to plant, weed, turn soil or just be in the garden.  I suppose my focus was elsewhere.

seeds thelifeofclare

But thankfully, that focus seems to be back.  There’s not a whole lot on the cards but we have managed to get some seeds in the ground. Our focus has shifted from planting everything that we could get our hands on, to only planting things that we know will get eaten. For example, we can buy one or two parsnips here or there but we really don’t need a whole bucket load of them, we just don’t eat them.


Our tomatoes are slowly ripening, which is so lovely.  The best treat in the world is a sun, warmed cherry tomato.  We’ve been very lucky to have our tomato supply supplemented by my parent’s over producing tomato plants.

rogue tomato plant

We’re having a go at planting by the lunar calendar, so over the next few days we’ll be planting broccoli, broad beans and peas.

What’s happening in your garden this month?  Head over to Strayed from the Table to check out gardens from all over the world.



10 thoughts on “In My Garden… March 2014

    1. So far the lunar planting is not going so great. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something sprouts soon.

  1. Good luck with your garden. It is a learning process that takes a while to conquer. I am sure you will have it right soon and make me envious. I haven’t had my own garden for ages.

  2. Clare at least you are still harvesting. Better than nothing. Eggs and tomatoes are the things we lived off last year for months. Looks like you will have more seedlings and veggies in the garden by the end of March and possibly a new little helper to assist you in the veggie patch.

    1. Hopefully our little helper gets here soon. Sadly, it doesn’t look like there’ll be seedlings any time soon, they’re just not growing.

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