Geelong NightJar Market

NightJar Market stage NightJar food stalls NightJar dumplings dumplings Nightjar food NightJar Market Zed & Co freerange pork NightJar Market saddleback snag NightJar Market Suitcases NightJar Market Perla Tacos NightJar market Perla details NightJar Market Blackbean taco NightJar Market timboon icecream NightJar MarketLast Friday we drove into Geelong from our humble abode on the Bellarine Peninsula to the Geelong NightJar Market.  The market runs on Friday evenings through February, so with only a couple to go we had to nab our chance while we could.

We spent only an hour there, wondering around.  Mostly concerned with the dinner options, and me not being able to decide on one, we tried a few different options. There were market stalls too with beautiful wares.

Zed & Co Saddleback Sausage was delicious, and it’s always so lovely to find a new local meat producer. My vegetarian taco was perfection, great size, great price and a wondrous few mouthfuls.  But  nothing says summer market like ice cream does, so we topped the night off with Timboon ice cream. Walking over, I knew that I was set on salted caramel, but upon reading the options, lime and coconut took my fancy.  I thought a taste would help, but it only made the decision tougher, so J forked out another $2 for me to have both.

I love an evening out that has us home at 7:30pm!

The last NightJar Market is tonight, so if you’re in the Geelong area, definitely make the effort to head to Johnstone Park.

Are you an early or late night person?  What’s your go to ice cream flavour?


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