Growing Rosemary From A Cutting

how to grow rosemary from a cutting

For the last 2 years I worked at a local high school tutoring aboriginal students one on one (a state initiative called The Wannik Education Strategy).  Although I generally had a full timetable, sometimes these students would be absent, or refuse to come to tutoring and sometimes the teachers would ask that they stayed in class, so as not to miss that lesson.  This meant that I wouldn’t have a student for a particular period.

My mum also works at the same school.  She coordinates the program for students with disabilities.  And as I didn’t have a staff room, or a faculty, I’d spend a lot of time with her and her students.

Often I’d go down to the garden with some of her students (when mine weren’t around), where they would plant, water and pick.  There they had a huge rosemary plant and I was excited to one day have one of my own.

One afternoon I decided to take some cuttings and have a go at trying my hand at planting these out into our garden.

rosemary fold over finger

When selecting your cuttings it’s really important that the tips are supple enough to bend over your finger (as in the picture above).  I took about 7 branches around 20cm long and put them into a cup with some paper towel in the bottom, and then some water to cover the paper towel.

roots on rosemary cuttings

After about 2 weeks of them sitting there the cuttings had grown roots and were ready to be planted.  I went around the garden and planted them all over the place.

We now have 3 strong plants growing at various locations around our garden beds and producing enough for all our needs.

rosemary plant

What other plants/vegetables do you know that can be grown from cuttings?

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    1. The rosemary was so easy to grow. I pretty much forgot about it while it sprouted roots on our kitchen bench.

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