In My Kitchen… February 2014

In my kitchen…

…we have this beautiful banneton that J was given for Christmas from my mum and dad.  Mum found it at the Red Beard Bakery in Trentham, she said it wasn’t cheap but it was too pretty to leave behind. We are yet to use it but I can’t wait.banneton proving basket

In my kitchen…

…there is a kilo of cacao and a litre of coconut oil.  I can’t wait to get into them, I’m thinking freezer fudge today.cacao and coconut oil

In my kitchen…

… there’s a package from these amazing people.  6 fertilized spotted sussex eggs.  Our white chicken Gertrude, is broody and has loved sitting on these eggs.  I can’t wait to see what comes of them.  city chicks

In my kitchen…

… never ending jugs of iced tisanes, my particular favourite is the Citrus Punch from T2. With the weather being so warm recently iced teas have been the only way to go. jugs of iced tea

In my kitchen…

… there is a container of peanut butter and sundried tomato hummus.  I make each about once a fortnight. J takes them for snacks to work and we eat them for our ‘after school snack’. peanut butter and hummus

In my kitchen…

… there is a never ending supply of sourdough loaves.  I’m absolutely loving these seeded loaves and the chia loaf.sourdough loaves

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20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… February 2014

  1. G’day! Love your banneton Clare, true!
    Can’t WAIT to see what you create with it too!
    LOVE chia loaves and I could almost smell your bread while viewing for the In My Kitchen series this month! YUM! Healthy!
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. The sourdough loaves are delicious and sadly, nearly gone. I really should make some more iced tea, today is going to be a scorcher!

  2. I’m loving T2 iced teas at the moment as well, particularly fond of the surfs up blend. Can’t wait to see some photos of the little chicks once they hatch.

  3. I love your banneton. I wonder where they sell them locally, because I’ve never seen one for sale. I’ve got that jug too. Thanks for the tip on T2, must try that kind.

  4. I love what is going on in your kitchen this month. I would love a banneton. Think I need to put one on the birthday list. I am intrigued by the freezer fudge. Any chance of s recipe at some stage? Good luck with the eggs.

    1. Thanks Tania, there seemed to be a lot happening this month. I still haven’t tried the freezer fudge, but I promise there will be a recipe when I do.

    1. It’s so great to have freshly baked bread, we don’t eat a lot of it fresh out of the oven though, mostly it goes to the freezer.

  5. Clare, you’re so on the ball – homemade dips and homebaked bread, frugal to make but you’re eating like royalty! The City Chicks folks are so nice, aren’t they? And lovely banneton – have fun with it. We dust ours with fine semolina – works well to stop the dough from sticking too much! xx

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