Let’s Get Smokin’

How to build a smoker

We’re forever looking for new ways to preserve things.  So when J got a fishing rod for Christmas, he knew that it was time to do a little more research on smokers.

Just after Christmas, with our gift certificates and Christmas cash in tow, we took ourselves off to Bunnings and Rays Outdoors.  J decided we was going to look for a smoking box, it seemed like a good idea in theory.

homemade small smoker

When we finally found what we were after, we realised that it was just a box that you filled with smoking chips and put inside your BBQ.  The food was then cooked via the BBQ but given a smoky flavour.

Then he thought that maybe buying a smoker was the answer.  This surprised me, as J’s not one for taking the easy way out, that, and the smokers were over $100. So he figured out the bits and pieces he’d need to make one.  Now, this was more like it!

Still in Rays Outdoors J started collecting the things he’d need to put the smoker together.  I stopped him.  It was so unlike us to buy new items, so we put everything back and walked out of there with just a bag of smoking chips.small smoker

On the way home we stopped at our local opshop and found the pot and the metal fruit bowl pictured.  They fit together perfectly!  It was meant to be.

The camp stove we already had at home, and it burns really hot.  So we put the smoking chips in the bottom of the pot, then the fruit bowl.  We’re still learning about the things we smoke, how long various things need, how to catch the water that comes out of the mussels, each item seems to require something just a little different.raw fish in smoker

For this salmon (my dad caught it), we left it in the smoke for 20 mins.  It was probably a little too long, but it was a delicious afternoon snack.

smoked salmon
Do you tend to buy things new?  Or make due with what you have or second hand items?

16 thoughts on “Let’s Get Smokin’

  1. I am still yet to try smoking food. Its something that we just don’t think to do. Your fish looks pretty damn tasty though. Also a big believer in using what you have first then to second hand options or scouring from friends and neighbours before buying new.

  2. I’ve never cooked with a smoker. I think it’s great that you found what it was you were looking for but then put everything back and went to an op-shop and got what you needed at a much-discounted price. I’m sure that made the flavour of the salmon even better xx

    1. What I meant in the BBQ was that it just gave the smoky smell rather than cooking the meat with the smoke. It was so fun to make it ourselves though.

  3. I think I’ve commented very jealously before about the smoked mussels (I think when you went camping) and I remain just that – jealous! I laughed when I saw that saucepan. Aren’t they from a different time? You used to collect the stamps from supermarkets and then you could get one when you had X amount of filled cards. I think one that size would have been an awful lot of stamps!

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