2013 has been MASSIVE!

2013adventurereresolution updateAlmost 12 months ago, I posted this picture.  It was our goal to have an adventurous year, and I had always heard that if you write things down, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Obviously, we didn’t achieve all of the things on the list, but some things were out of our reach, and on top of the things that we did do, we did so many more.

Some explanations of things that we didn’t achieve:

  • We booked tickets to Sydney for a weekend, and when the time came around, we couldn’t afford the weekend.  So we voided our tickets and had a lovely weekend at home instead
  • The day came where we were standing and waiting for the helicopter ride, J had called and checked that they were flying this day, but for some reason, once we got there, they decided that they no longer were flying.
  • I love Jamie’s 15 minute meals, but they were too expensive for us.  It was too impractical to buy ingredients for individual meals.  We cooked a few and they were absolutely delicious.

Other things that we achieved this year:

  • I got to visit Perth and the Gold Coast for blogging conferences – something that wasn’t even on my radar this time last year and I’m so honoured to have been welcomed into this amazing community.
  • We were honoured to be able to attend 4 weddings and help celebrate these relationships throughout this year.
  • Well, there’s a baby on the way.  That’s pretty exciting.

It was fun to have the list there, and I don’t feel bad for not completing the list.  I’m already thinking of what can go on the list for 2014.

Do you set goals/resolutions? What are some that you have in mind for 2014?



14 thoughts on “2013 has been MASSIVE!

  1. It has been massive, hasn’t it? Pretty much everyone I have de-briefed the year with has had big things happen. Well done on achieving the things you did and I have no doubt (particularly with baby on the way…) that 2014 will be just, if not more, adventurous than 2013. I look forward to reading about how it all goes.

    Zoe xx

  2. Congratulations on making a list and now being able to see just how many of those things you were able to achieve. Happy New Year to you and your growing family xx

  3. You should write a list for 2014 – it will certainly have new challenges with a baby! But this list was a great idea, and one that we should all try to do. I had on my list ‘Visit the Northern Territory’, and I did! But there were a lot more that didn’t get achieved by me, so I wish that 2014 meets more of my ambitions and plans than 2013 did.


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