Saying Goodbye – Part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about Bitch-Face, today I share the story of the 8 junior Bitch-Faces.

(Note: I should have added in the last post, that we’d had clipped her wings and she was still flying out of the fenced in area.)

Even as I begin to write this, I sit here shaking my head.  These chickens were  a nightmare from beginning to end!  It was a learning experience and one that I hope we never replicate.

We had been keeping this chicks locked in this quite secure coop area because they continued to fly out over the chicken wire fencing we had protecting the rest of our garden.  They were too small to have their wings clipped, and a friend of mine had said that when she was ready she could take the girls, and we would deal with the roosters.

chicken coop See right where J has his hand?  That piece of wood that was screwed into the top section of the gate?  The chicks had decided that they didn’t want to be in the coop, and they were flying out of this tiny gap.

J text me, saying that it was ok, he’d fixed it and now there was no rush to get rid of the chickens.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t keep delaying the inevitable; these chickens had to go.

So I got home from school awards day, and J got home from his afternoon sea kayak, and I told him that “it was time.”8 bitch-faces Into the coop we went with a towel and a polystyrene box (with holes punched in the lid), and could not catch a one.  So we moved on to bird netting.  It once covered our veggie garden, so there was a lot of it.  J would throw it in the direction of the chickens and we kept our fingers crossed that some of the chicks would be under it when we got close.

We caught one, into the box it went.  We caught another, and in putting the second one into the box, the first escaped.  It was going to be a long battle.  Finally, all 8 were in the box,  we duck taped it shut and quickly got into the car.chickens in the box It was a stressful process and my heat was beating a million miles an hour, poor Baby Reilly must have been wondering what was going on.

But it was all worth while when we opened the lid at the new/old home.  We were returning them to where we had originally got them, our friends backyard. The chickens quickly figured out that they were free and made a bee-line for Mumma Chook (Bitch-Face).new homebitch-face There in the background is Bitch-Face, in her original home, our friend’s neighbour’s yard. Our 8 mini-bitch-faces were quite at home once they’d found their mother and promptly forgot about us, their pseudo parents for 8 weeks. rehomed chickensI feel as though a great weight has lifted off my shoulders and our chickens are much happier.

Have you ever gotten into something that you knew was the wrong decision? How did you get out of it?

10 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye – Part 2

  1. Peace reigns again at your place.

    At my age I couldn’t count the disasters I’ve done to myself. One outstanding was getting a kitten in NZ to get rid of the mice (and outside rats) at the same time we got a puppy. Cat didn’t like the dog, dog didn’t like the cat, meow, woof, chase all day long. After a week I decided that maybe if we went back and got her sister, the kitten would feel more comfortable. Nobody told us that if you separate cats for a week they forget they used to know one another. Cat didn’t like cat, dog didn’t like cats, cats didn’t like dog, chase, meow, woof. For two more weeks. Then one day I looked over at the wood heater and the dog is splayed out and he had a cat beside his front legs and a cat beside his back legs and all were basking in the heat. It was the longest month of my life.

  2. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you. Our chooks are contained in their large dome (basically a chook tractor) – every time they get out, they completely trash the garden beds. If you do decide to try again (and contained, they’re lovely), I’d really recommend just buying a couple of 20 week old layers – chicks sounds like hard work! (And it sounds like your mother hen was completely bonkers!) 🙂

  3. That’s such a sad story. I can’t believe they were so much trouble. What a shame because most people find their chickens to be adorable. It sounds like they resented being moved to your property in the first place and couldn’t wait to be moved back to where they came from – I bet now they’ve got what they want they’re as good as gold xx

    1. The three was have are absolutely lovely! You might be right about them resenting us, but we were told that they were crazy before we even got them. Not too sure why I said yes in the first place.

  4. Wow Claire I can imagine how relieved you must have felt returning these troublesome chickens. Definitely stress you don’t need when having a baby. Sounds like their in the right place now and you can relax and enjoy Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy the festive season.

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