Mushroom Madness – Part 2

I’m not a competitive person.  So when I found out that part of the mushroom farm tour was a team cooking challenge, not unlike Masterchef, I was anxious!

We were randomly assigned to groups of 4 by picking a mushroom quote from an upturned pile, in our group was Gillian (My Square Frying Pan), Jamie (Gourmet Male) and Matt (Abstract Gourmet).  We had an hour to prepare and present a hot and a cold dish using mushrooms as the main component, each must have 12 portions.  We were allowed to used our smart phones to research.  You must remember that just because we were all food bloggers, not all of us cook.mushroom chef team challenge

This was the list of ingredients that we were given. We decided that the girls would work on the hot course and the boys would do the cold.  So Gillian and I put our heads together to come up with a fabulous, creative idea.  We tossed around making a pie, a mushroom stroganoff, a stir fry, all those predictable mushroom ideas.  And then we spotted dark chocolate on the list.  mushroom madness ingredients

We decided on chocolate mushroom spiced risotto empanadas.  It was a busy hour.  8 groups of 4 running around the kitchen trying to get everything done in our time frame. In the end it wasn’t as scary as I’d thought it was going to be, it was fun and exhilarating. Mushroom Madness in the kitchenWe worked well as a team of 4, and got our dishes on the plates in the nick of time.  For our cold dish the boys created a mushroom carpaccio, using lemon juice and some of the coconut vinegar.  It was delicious, oh-so-fresh and a just a little tart.chocolate mushroom empanadas mushroom tarts mushroom dip mushrooms mushroom madness dishes mushroom madness dish 7 mushroom soup mushroom and pumpkin salad We ended up loosing the competition but 1/4 of a point, but I was so proud of our efforts!

What would you have made with the list of ingredients above?

8 thoughts on “Mushroom Madness – Part 2

    1. It was a 1/4 point due to some tricky averaging. It’s ok, the prize was a bottle of wine, so I wasn’t too worried.

  1. You lost by a quarter of a point? That’s a tough competition. I think for what you created you certainly excelled in this contest. I love mushrooms and would have loved to have been a part of this xx

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