In My Kitchen… December 2013

In my kitchen…

…we did have a box of these strawberry milkshake Wholeberry Folk cupcakes, which came from the Voices of 2013 presentation gala goodie bag…wholeberry folk cupcakes …but now we have these cupcakes instead.  I’m not usually a fan of packet mixes, in fact I would never buy a packet mix but recently I’ve come into a couple of boxes and I have been greatly impressed by the end result.  These cupcakes even got J baking at 8:30pm last night (he never bakes), and they were delicious.  Of the 12, there is now only 4 left and it’s not even been 24 hours.cupcakes In my kitchen…

…is the first of our preserves.  I was so excited to find the first of this seasons cucumbers at the market on Saturday, I don’t love fresh cucumbers, but I do love pickles!  So I bought 2 kg, and put them all through the food processor (it has had such a work out this week), and Bob’s your uncle.  We now have enough bread and butter pickles to last at least a couple of weeks, well maybe a few months, but I do love them! We also pickled the last of our beetroot, they go beautifully on burgers!preserves In my kitchen…

… is this stunning cookbook, curtsey of Lizzie from Strayed from the Table.  I entered competitions all over the place to win this one, it looked so beautiful.  I said to J, that I was going to buy it if I didn’t win, but I kept my fingers crossed and the hoping and wishing paid off.
whole hearted food In my kitchen…

… is the rest of the contents of the Voices of 2013 goodie bag.  I’ve currently got the slushy maker in the freezer, in preparation for the hot weather that is to come this week.  There’s also a jug of this delicious smelling Citrus Punch tisane from T2 cooling in the fridge, it may or may not be going into the slushy maker tomorrow.  The Voices mug is so fun, and only shows the logo and small photos of what I imagine is the top 25 from each category once hot water has been poured into it, otherwise it’s just black.
voicesof2013 In my kitchen…

… there was a bucket of mussels but…
mussels …they promptly got turned into lunch.  It was an absolutely stunning day, so a swim for me and a paddle for J were in order, then lunch of mussels and ciabatta on the deck. lunch musselsWhat’s happening in your kitchen this month?  Head on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see what’s happening in kitchens all over the world.

30 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… December 2013

  1. Everything looks delicious Claire. Love the cupcakes with less sugar, spelt flour and frosting made from real strawberries. Your swim and lunch of mussels on the back deck sounds so good, makes me look forward to summer.

  2. I’ve been making lemonade concentrate and freezing it, so that on hot days (like yesterday in Melbourne) I can pop two lemonade cubes into a big glass of water and enjoy some super refreshing lemonade!

    1. That’s a fantastic idea! J’s been making fantastic lemon cordial, but I hadn’t thought to freeze it.

  3. The end photo sounds like the perfect day.
    I’m not a packet mix person either but they do look rather delicious.
    Well done with your pickling! I really need to start making things like that. I just need some more end uses for them.

  4. I love the look of your bread and butter pickles. I like to make them too – I have a recipe that was my mother’s and it turns the humble gherkin into great pickles xx

    1. Mussels are such a wonderful and easy meal! We’re so lucky for them to grow in abundance just down the street.

  5. Look at those mussels! That last photo is just the most perfect lunch! I adore bread and butter pickles too, especially homemade, and congratulations on winning the book! 🙂

  6. I do love bread & butter pickles and yours look wonderful. And I’m so jealous to hear you had a swim! Lucky, lucky! We got about 4 inches of snow today, and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 9 degrees F.

  7. oooo Claire, I’m so envious of those mussels…they’re a fave! I laughed when I saw the slushy maker. I just bought one for a Christmas gift for a friends son. It’s wrapped and in the freezer because I know as soon as he opens it, he’ll want to make a slushy. Have a great break and eats lots of pickles every day! Fiona xx

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