In My Garden… December 2013

In my garden things seem to be at either end of the spectrum.  rhubarb and rogue tomato This bed seems to be going better than some others.  The rhubarb has suddenly taken off, after many months of me thinking that it was gone to the gods, there’s a rogue tomato plant popping up, just on the right side of the photo and our 300 onions are looking like perfect little round balls of oniony good-ness.onions pumpkin plant I planted about 8 pumpkin plants, but due to our escapee chicks and their mum, this is the sole survivor. Fingers crossed that this little one keeps it up!sunflower plant Similarly to the pumpkin, of the 12 sunflower seeds I planted, this is the only remaining seedling.  I’m hoping to get out there and plant a few more when I get a chance.  cucumber plants The cucumbers faired slightly better, with 3 of 7 cucumbers growing into what you can see there, but we got only 1 zucchini.  Between the scratching chickens and the slimy snails, we’re struggling to keep any of our plants growing at the moment.chickensHere’s the culprits.  Those little buggers, and their mum (top left), get out of their pen and we’re not sure how.  Just when we thought we’d found their escape route and patched it up, they’re out there digging up another section of our garden. Our three seem to be picking up some of their bad habits.
corn plants Being a little out of the way, and slightly established by the time we got the chicks, the corn is growing spectacularly.  Tucked behind them is a couple of tomato plants, that I hope go from strength to strength.    corn and tomatoes potatoesThe potatoes keep growing at an alarming rate, and I’m determined to wait until they’ve flowered and the plants have died back before we harvest.


What’s happening in your garden this month?  Do you have any natural snail repellent ideas? Head over to Strayed from the Table to see what’s happening in gardens all over the world.  

20 thoughts on “In My Garden… December 2013

  1. I love the potatoes growing in the recycled tub! And isn’t the corn doing well! We can’t seem to grow onions – they take too long to fit in with the rotation of our beds – so we grow leeks instead. Your lovely girls look very happy scratching around there! 🙂

    1. Thanks Celia, the potatoes seem to be growing great guns! We tried growing leeks, but nothing came up.

  2. Your garden is looking fab Clare. I must say that I am not too sorry we no longer have chickens as I had a problem with them eating lots of things in the garden beds! Fingers crossed for your pumpkin. Have a great month.

  3. Darn chickens, I know how it feels to loose bit from careless scratching. Hope you find the hole that they get out of soon, save you some sleepless night. Otherwise things are looking pretty healthy especially the corn. I can’t wait to try onions next year in the patch.

    1. We found the hole, but now the mother is flying out over the coop. I think she’ll be going back to where we got her soon.

  4. hello from another garden sharer!
    chickens – so cute, but so destructive! i can just imagine your exasperation. the corn looks amazing – fresh homegrown corn is just delicious. and old tough corn – well, you can give that to your chookies!
    what will you do with that many onions?

    1. Thanks for popping by. Our chickens are so lovely! I can’t wait to try out first ear of corn! We will dry the onions and hopefully they’ll last us most of the year.

  5. Uugh, snails here too – I took to putting a big pot around the plant with vaseline around the lip. This seemed to stop them, but only until the plants are large enough to be hanging over the pot, by which time I was hoping they would be large enough to cope with abit of nibbling…It’s sorf of worked, although it does melt off in hot weather!

  6. Your corn is spectacular Clare! Oh I can’t imagine how amazingly tasty it is going to be grown in your own backyard.
    I’m trying to be patient with my potatoes too. There were flowers when I checked on them this morning so hopefully not too long!
    To the chickens… stop eating the pregnant lady’s food!

    1. You tell them Claire! Our potatoes have flowers slowly appearing, so I’m just going to keep waiting.

  7. I am loving these updates. Unfortunately our cucumber has not gone well at all – nothing has sprouted from our seeds but everything else is going really well – i cannot wait for fresh corn and tomatoes.

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