In My Kitchen… November 2013

In my kitchen…

…is a painting from my grandma.  My grandma and grandpa have just sold their house and are downsizing.  Many years ago my grandma gave me a permanent marker and asked me to walk around her house and pick a painting that I would like, she was so keep it until things changed.  I’m glad the change was them moving and I was pleasantly surprised at my younger self’s choice.painting In my kitchen…

…is two Christmas cakes.  The first ones I have ever made.  From now until Christmas I will pull them out of the cupboard and tenderly brush them with more brandy and replace them.  I can’t wait to taste and share the recipe with you.  Although J is worried that I shouldn’t eat them, with the amount of brandy that will have been soaked into them.  He also said I was the worst pregnant woman ever, after I licked the bowl, with the brandy and raw eggs.Christmas Cakes Christmas Cake In my kitchen…

… is cold pressed coffee from Coffee Cartel.  I’m not a coffee drinker at all but I bought this for J.  It takes something like 24 hours to drip through their amazing contraption, and is served from the fridge in these bottles.  This is probably 3 serves.  J says is very strong but he doesn’t need to add anything, where he is usually a milk and sugar kind of guy.Coffee Cartel Cold Brew In my kitchen…

…is photocopied instructions to make a cold smoker.  J’s started getting into smoking mussels and I saw this at work the other day and thought that he would be interested.  Turns out he was and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we have a cold smoker in our backyard.cold smoker instructions In my kitchen…

… is some dried sourdough starter, ready for the blender.  I just need to wizz it up to be a bit smaller, making it easier to dissolve when trying to get started again.  In the past I had always put excess starter back into Maggie but I’ve had a few requestions recently for starter, so I thought I’d just start drying any leftovers when making bread.sourdough starter dried

What’s a highlight in your kitchen this month?

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32 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… November 2013

  1. Drying the starter is really cool. I didn’t realise you could do that. I have heard you can freeze it though? Love the painting. Looks beautiful under the table. Fruit cake testing will be happening in our kitchen this week too!

    1. I think it’s so great to be trying new things! I learnt about drying the starter for Celia, the sourdough queen!

  2. Oh man, cannot wait for your xmas cake recipe! I have fond memories of eating the raw mixture with a spoon when my nanna made it.
    That painting is very beautiful too 🙂

  3. Love the painting Clare.
    Good idea on saving the starters… just one tip from Celia. Try a little off it and make sure it comes back to life before you stash it away. You don’t want to be storing dead starter.
    The Christmas cakes are looking wonderful!

    1. That’s a good idea. I tried the first one I sent out and assumed he rest would be fine. I’ll try is ASAP.

  4. Drying starter? Good grief. I haven’t gotten the hang of wet starter yet. I WILL do it before the end of the year, I promised.

    I LOVE your painting! You were a very precocious youngster if you chose that one.

  5. Your Christmas cakes are lovely!
    It is hard to not indulge in licking the batter from them- Making Fruitcake is one of my
    favorite baking experiences each year!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Really? They’re the first Christmas cakes you’ve ever made? Because they look absolutely PERFECT, Clare! What a great job you’ve done! I love that you have your grandparent’s painting in your house, and I had a friend over today who was telling me all about cold-pressed coffee – serendipitously, here it is on your blog! How wonderful that you’re sharing Maggie around – that makes me really happy, thank you! 🙂

  7. Tell your husband to relax – a little brandy and a drop of raw egg will be of no harm to anyone. I just made my Christmas cakes too. If you store them upside down the top of the cake will flatten (due to the weight) and so when you ice them (if that’s what you’re doing) it will be easier to get a smooth surface. Good luck! xx

  8. G’day Clare and wow re the Christmas cake…reminder that Christmas is just around the corner, true!
    Smoking? 🙂 Food wise it has been on my list to do and thanks for your kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne

  9. Bottled, cold pressed coffee is the latest ‘thing’ isn’t it? My go-to coffee place is doing the same thing, in little bottles shaped like hip flasks. The cafe’s name is ‘Tonic’ and the cold-pressed stuff is being sold as a ‘cureall’ – very cute 🙂

  10. My husband makes cold pressed coffee for me to have iced coffees during the day. He uses an aeropress filter (good christmas present idea). I’m yet to try one from the shops/cafe.

  11. Hi Clare, your Christmas cakes look brilliant and the motto is always more brandy right??
    I’d just wouldn’t like to get a breathalysed after a slice.

  12. oooh! nice post!
    I’m very interested in that sourdough starter…did you order it from somewhere?
    That coffee looks very interesting, 24 hour drip! It must be pretty decent 🙂

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