In My Garden… November 2013

We’re running out of room in our backyard for garden beds.  Slowly but surely, we’ve used up nearly every free space, pulling out just a few plants here and there, to make a little more room.  In the top of this picture you can see newly dug up areas that have just had seeds sprinkled into them; pumpkin, sunflowers, corn, zucchini, cucumber, capsicum and beds I’ve planted some dill seeds, a first for me, in the central bed.central garden bed new garden beds corn These corn went in as seeds, a month ago and are looking great.  We didn’t get the best germination percentage, but just last weekend I planted some more seeds in between.  Hopefully this will help out the corn with their pollination.potatoes The potatoes seem to love this blue barrel and are growing great guns!  This is about as covered as they’ll get, so now we just sit and wait until these plants die off.  Then we need to harvest and store.  Do you know anything about storing potatoes?new tomatoesI finally pulled out the brussle sprouts, even though they showed tiny but promising signs of sprouts actually growing.  Sadly, even the chickens didn’t like them.  But in it’s place has gone a variety of tomato plants and some purple basil.

What’s happening in your garden this month?  Head over the Strayed From The Table to see what’s happening in other gardens around the world.


32 thoughts on “In My Garden… November 2013

  1. Hi there Clare

    I love Dill. We had a Community Food Swap a few weeks ago and I got a lovely bunch – but alas, have never had success growing it myself.

    What is the blue flower in the third photo? It looks intriging.

    Good luck on your garden this month!

    1. I’m not actually sure what the flower is, something planted before our time. But the bees love them!

  2. hello from another GSCer! it’s a bummer when even the chooks won’t eat stuff like brussel sprouts. i never feel so guilty about pulling out stuff from the garden, when i know mum’s chooks will eat it.
    i’m envious of your corn. my garden space is too small to grow a decent square of corn. i tried once before but it took up too much space, so i go with other smaller things like pease and beans. but pulling a fresh ear of corn… one of life’s joys.

    1. I know, I can’t believe the chickens wouldn’t eat the brussel sprouts! I can’t wait to pick my first ear of corn!

    1. Thanks Lisa, it’s been the plan all along, to use up as much of the garden as we could. I was inspired by a lovely friend of mine who has 54 fruit trees on their suburban house block.

  3. Wow your veggies are really taking over the garden. lucky for you live in victoria when it comes to storing spuds. For us we put them in small tubs in a well ventilated cool dark place. They are hiding in the shed in the coldest spot we have. We are keeping the some of our seed stock too that did not rot as we are going to use them again for more spuds next year.

  4. Love the garden beds, that looks fantastic (so much better than plain old lawn..). I had about 20kg of potatoes last year but we didn’t really worry about storage as we ate them so quickly, they were so good.
    The blue flower in the third photo – we have them too, they are called something that starts with E. Which is not very helpful is it! But they become huge. Our chooks have taken to roosting in them which is not good.
    Nice to see the flags in the tree too 🙂

    1. I’m loving using all the space we can for vegetable gardening! I’ll keep looking into the flower and hope that maybe I’ll figure it out.

  5. Love that your veggies are taking over. I did the same thing at our previous (though very smally) yard leaving just a patch of grass for the kids. Now I’ve been a bit more generous and they have about half the space and my veggies have the rest…. but just wait til they’re older and don’t use the yard so much then it becomes mine! You also reminded me I must get out and plant my corn this week.

  6. I love this post Clare. I never thought I would be so interested in gardening but I love it now. Our carrots, corn, peas, tomatoes and pumpkins are going crazy but our cucumbers and zucchini’s aren’t going to well unfortunately maybe I will try your method and plant some more and see how it goes.

    1. Thanks Megan, I have always had a garden but have really gotten into it in this house. I love that you’re planting too!

    1. Thanks Maureen, I know that it’s a lot but I still can’t help but to feel that it’s not enough/

  7. That’s so funny that not even chickens like Brussels Sprouts! I love the look of your backyard. It’s a hive of activity. My grandparents used to grow everything including potatoes and they had an elevated house so underneath they would store the potatoes in sacks. This was in NZ where the temperatures are much cooler and there is no humidity. I’m thinking a wine cellar would be a good option but how many of us have one of those!

    1. Thanks Charlie, I think the only thing we need now is a bee hive. We don’t have very much humidity, so I think we’d be ok to store under our house too, maybe in old tubs?

  8. So much diversity! Your garden beds are fantastic. Sweet corn is divine and dill is wonderful to have, it will keep self seeding and you will never have to buy it again. No lawn, just gardens beds is a brilliant idea and will be much more productive 😀

    1. We do still have a little lawn, enough to walk to the chook pen and a little round space out the front, where I plan to put a blow up pool in summer.

  9. An organic potato farmer told me to keep mine in the fridge, but I think that would probably only work for smaller lots at a time. Not sure how much you’ve got growing there! Very jealous of your garden 🙂

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