Chicken Burritos

chicken burritos I love Mexican food.  We don’t have it enough at out house, but ever since we discovered Claire’s homemade tortillas we’ve been eating a lot more.
Chicken burritos and tomato salsa I’ve taken a bit of time away from work this week, I’ve decided not to make any calls to my teaching agency and have some time at home after a super busy couple of weeks.  I’m loving having the time to plan and cook delicious meals.  For this, I cut up a chicken breast, fried it until it had browned, then added 2 teaspoons of homemade taco seasoning, and a dash of water.

I’d also made a fresh salsa, just 2 tomatoes diced, a green capsicum, a small tin of corn, a bunch of coriander, and a dash of olive oil, earlier in the day.

To serve, we just topped with cheese and lettuce from the garden.

It was a wonderful, fresh summers meal.

What’s something you wish you ate more of?Chicken tortillas

7 thoughts on “Chicken Burritos

    1. They are the best! We made a bunch for dinner last night and shared them with my mum, dad and sister, they loved them too.

  1. I love Mexican cuisine too. Your burritos look very healthy and like there’s a lot of flavour there. What a great meal and lovely to hear you’ve had some time to yourself xx

  2. I love anything in a wrap! Our biggest challenge is finding multigrain ones, since those are the only kind Ben can eat. They sell out fast in the shops.

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