A Tropical Refresh

It was so nice to get away last week, the first two days were even receptionless!  We spent a couple of days right up north at Cape Tribulation, and then headed south to Cairns for J to fulfil his best-man duties.  It really was the perfect ‘refresh’ that I needed after the last couple of weeks. fan palm The fan palm is my favourite part of a rainforest, looking up to see this brilliant green really does make it possible to imagine dinosaurs walking through the rainforests.baby bump The baby bump has taken on a life of it’s own, and as I sit here typing I’m finding it very hard to focus on anything but the first of many tap tap taps I’m getting from the little one.beach flowers connect four cassowary This amazing bird is another reminder of prehistoric times. The cassowary have horn-like crest on their heads, and bright blue colouring, they’re not often seen as they live deep in the rainforest.  I’ve been holidaying at Cape Tribulation since I was about 6 and have never seen one.  This one walked right across the road in front of us, I was so excited that it took me until it was almost gone, before I could react and take a photo.stained glass My aunty does a lot of artificial lead lighting, so I thought I’d have a go while J was on his buck’s day out on the reef.  I think I did a pretty good job.rainforest creek picnic A day to ourselves, required a dip in a chilly but refreshing rainforest creek and a picnic lunch.wedding wedding cake The wedding was the reason we went to Cairns, although we do often travel up there, as I have family there and J used to live there.  We do a lot of travelling for weddings… But the day was absolutely lovely!prawns Walking down the main street of Port Douglas I had a craving for fresh prawns, so we sought some out and this bucket was my lunch while J enjoyed a Barra Burger.  Delicious!beach day sandOur final morning was spent out at Green Island snorkelling and enjoying the last of the sunshine before we boarded our plane that afternoon.  It was a lovely was to spend a day, which could have otherwise been a waiting day.

Do you ever just need to get away from your life (even though it’s pretty good)? Ever wish there was a refresh button you could push, just like on a computer? 

12 thoughts on “A Tropical Refresh

    1. I’d love to live there too, but as you say, it’s just so far away! Thank you for the lovely compliment!

  1. The bump and it’s mother look just gorgeous! Isn’t the kicking wonderfully distracting. I’m getting so good at typing with one hand because the second I feel bub I can’t help but put my hand on my belly.
    Great job on the lead-lighting.

    1. Thanks Claire, we’re feeling pretty good these days. I just can’t help but pay it attention every time I feel it’s kick.

  2. I just love Far North Queensland. I think it’s one of the best parts of Australia. Your pregnancy dress is gorgeous and you look stunning. I used to love feeling the baby bump around inside me! xx

  3. I would love a getaway haha. And wow you really look pregnant now 🙂 I still think it would be creepy to feel a baby moving inside haha. But I’m not really that maternal type 🙂

  4. So amazing you saw a cassowary! Cannot believe your bump. Amazing.

    I wish we could get away for a tropical weekend, I want to lie about and do nothing… oh wait I’m doing that at home today anyway!

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