A Bazaar Breakfast

I LOVE BREAKFAST!  I love cooking breakfast.  I love going out for breakfast.  I love starting the day with a great big meal.  I love getting up early and getting a jump on the day.  I love all things breakfast.  As I’ve mentioned before we had breakfast foods (at lunch time) for our wedding.

So when I saw that QT Gold Coast served up a spectacular buffet breakfast at the stunning Bazaar restaurant, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a long lazy breakfast.

Bazaar opens for breakfast at 6:30am, which is perfect for early birds like me (it also allows for optimal eating time) and finishes at 10:30am.  The restaurant is also open for dinner from 5:30-9pm and Sunday lunch.Bazaar buffet QT Gold CoastMy mouth hit the floor when I walked in.  The options were endless and I wasn’t sure where to start.  On your first visit, you are guided in by a hostess who explains what the options are, the lady who walked me in had all the questions about ProBlogger Event and even said she would love to go next year.

fruit buffet bar BazaarFeeling a little daunted and not being sure where to start, I settled on fruit and yoghurt for my first course of many.  I was always taught to start with healthy options (thanks Mum).bazaar fruit barI’ve never understood how people could go to an amazing buffet breakfast like this and get cereal, until Tamsin (Editor-in-Chief of Kiki and Tea) got Fruit Loops!  But I avoided this section in favour of bacon and hash browns.cereal BazaarMiniature pastries tempted me from when I first entered Bazaar Restaurant but sadly they never made their way onto my plate.
pastries Bazaar My first course was fruit and muesli, second was bacon, scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns and some amazing poached mushrooms (no photo sadly) and my third was bircher muesli with julienne apple.  Bircher muesli always reminds me of Christmas or camping, funny combination I know, but these perfect small serves were a great grease sponge for the preceding course.muesli Bazaar Everything about the QT Gold Coast was just a little quirky and I love love love the bottles that the juices were served in.  I helped myself to multiple various juices throughout my multi course breakfast.milk and juice Bazaar Apple Juice BazaarAs I said at the start, the options were endless, and some sections that I didn’t quite get to were the Asian style miso soup station and the Scandinavian style cold meat and pickles station. Asian Breakfast Bazaar
cold meatsWhat’s your favourite meal of the day?  Do you love a buffet breakfast?

18 thoughts on “A Bazaar Breakfast

    1. Sharon, it really was the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen. I’ve had once since, just your standard buffet and it was such a disappointment. The QT has ruined me 🙂

  1. I was so happy to have mushrooms – I think they were the only vegetable that weekend haha. I also loved that I could drink the pineapple juice. Usually juice makes me feel sick but whatever QT have is magical.

    1. That’s what I think, once you’ve eaten something healthy, then you can eat whatever you want after that!

  2. oh my gosh that looks AMAZING!! I love breakfast too – its my favourite meal to go out for. I definitely wouldnt go for cereal usually but it looks like it was presented beautifully! oh gosh i wish i could have that tomorrow.

  3. I cant believe there is Chocolate milk included in the buffet! Previous to this post my fave buffet breakfast ever was Hilton South Wharf but I’m hearing so many good things about this one I might have to change my mind. My fave meals of the day: breakfast & dessert, even better when the two can be combined (read: french toast)

    1. Lisa, it really was the best buffet I’ve ever had, even more so now that I’ve had the standard buffet since!

  4. I love buffet breakfasts. Mostly because the only time I ever have them is when I’m on holiday so it’s always a happy and relaxing time. I love how leisurely a buffet breakfast is – no rushing which is not how it is on the usual weekday here at home. I love the presentation of the juices xx

  5. Thank you thank you thank you! for the amazing photos and detail. I luuuuuuuurrrve a buffet breakfast but I am not in the position financially to have them ordinarily, so only ever have them on holiday. Even then I always feel nervous about forking out good money when you really dont know what your getting, but and I will definitely be visiting Bazaar now when I come to SP in a few weeks. Thank you!

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