Inside out Lime Meringue Pie

Inside out lime meringue pieNothing says spring to me like limes. I love seeing our tree come into bloom at the start of the season, with those tiny white flowers comes the hope of warmer weather.

So when I found out that the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, hosted by Claire at ClaireKCreations was Meringue Madness, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make lime-meringue pie. The only problem was that I’d shared this recipe before, so I needed a new take on it.SABH_13-09_Meringue-300

Meringue nest with a rich, tart lime curd with wafer biscuits shards was going to be my take on an inside out lime-meringue pie.lime curd and meringuesThe chewy meringue and the tart curd with the crunch of the wafers made a delicious dessert and a fantastically decadent play lunch for my work days.

I love this unusual take on the lemon meringue pie.  Do you like traditional desserts or modern takes?

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