ProBlogger Event in Photos part 1

This weekend was amazing, there was so much information drilled into my head, with more to come.  I love (almost) every minute of it.  It was so wonderful to meet some of the lovely ladies I’ve been chatting with on twitter over the past year and it was inspiring to hear all the sessions.  While I’m decompressing I thought I’d share some photos from day one, there’ll be more posts to follow, but right now, I’m still trying to process all the information.

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10 thoughts on “ProBlogger Event in Photos part 1

    1. Absolutely Claire! I’m thinking it’ll be a family event on our end though. Even my dad is talking about going!

  1. Good photos – Ben & I just went through them and after all the food ones, he looked at the head & stomach one from Claire Bowditch’s session & asked if that was to move the food down to your stomach lol

    1. I’m definitely hoping to go next year too. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend to share with amazing like minded people.

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