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Awkward Cafe FrontAwkward is a funky coffee lounge in the centre of Geelong.  It’s a warm, welcoming space, where Tash, the owner, barrister, baker, and front of house, welcomes you with a smile and a chat, like an old friend.

Tash, previously work in the hospitality/wedding industry and had a small cupcake business on the side.  But the desire to earn money for herself and share her incredible baked goods was too great, so Awkward was born.  The name was decided upon, as the original end game was a tapas bar, and refers to that moment you go on a first date and you realise halfway through that they are not the person you thought and it’s just ‘Awkward’.

Awkward cafe wallAwkward chipmonksEach time I enter Awkward my eyes are drawn to the amazing feature wall, that holds and antique, recycled and vintage in an incredible large wooden shelf made by Tash and her Dad (all antiques were collected over the past year, from markets, garage sales and from both her and her girlfriend, Rachael’s, families). Tash and Rachael decided that they wanted a warm inviting feel, somewhere you can go, with no thumping loud music, no hustle and bustle, just a nice, warm, comfortable place to have a homemade cake and coffee to relax.

Awkward cafe counter Awkward cafe fridgeI was treated, on this particular visit to a slice of delicious banoffee pie, one of Tash’s favourite things to bake. The crunchy crust, paired fresh banana, caramel sauce and vanilla cream on top was a like a perfectly executed party in my mouth, each element complimenting the other and balancing it all out, so it wasn’t overly sweet.Awkward cafe banoffee Awkward cafe love chai

J and I also shared a slice of decedent, pretzel and chocolate ganache tart. The dark chocolate ganache was wonderfully rich, and creamy, but what made the tart perfect in my eyes was the wonderful addition of salty pretzels to the base.  An inventive play on salted everything that is happening right now.

Awkward cafe pretzel and chocolate ganash tartEthically, Tash tries to focus on buying local, seasonal fruit and vegetables, allowing her to keep her prices reasonable.  A slice of cake/pie is around $9, depending on the ingredients, and paired this with a cup of my favourite Love Chai, make for a $15 cake and coffee.

About 98% of what is sold at Awkward is made on site, baking of cakes, slices and tarts happens pretty much every day, as well as roasting the eggplant, mushrooms for the focaccias, making soup and salads.

Awkward cafe preservesSome days I pray that I won’t get work, as Awkward is only open Monday – Friday, 9am until 4pm.  I can go in, by a reasonably priced lunch, a great cup of tea and follow it all up with a fantastic slice of cake.

Awkward cafe TashDo you ever wish you didn’t have to work, so that you could go and grab a slice of cake?

Awkward Coffee Lounge is located at 45 Malop Street, Geelong.


14 thoughts on “Awkward Coffee Lounge

  1. I love that you feel greeted like an old friend at Cafe Awkward. The Banoffee pie looks truly delicious but must say I was a bit creeped out by the squirrels! Will have to visit if I’m ever in Geelong. Thanks Clare 🙂

  2. Squirrels! We have an ongoing argument at our house about squirrels. I say squirrels like an American and my husband says skweerils like an Aussie. I say if you don’t have any you can’t name them. He disagrees. 🙂

    I’d like Awkward. 🙂

    1. Maureen, I think you would like it! I love that you have this discussion, I don’t think squirrels have ever been mentioned in our house!

  3. I just want to say that AWKWARD CAFE is the warmest and friendliest (is that a word?) place to go in Geelong…………The food is scrumdillyumptious and the people are real…..What more could you want………….

  4. Love your photos – really sums up the quirky feel of the place. You say that Tash is a barrister but I think you mean barista- coffee maker rather than court room defender.

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