In My Kitchen… September 2013

In my kitchen…
…as usual, there is some bread rising. Celia has been such an inspiration and we don’t eat any other bread. Here there is ciabatta and 2 regular white loaves rising. bread risingIn my kitchen…
…is J’s limecello. He spent so much time on and gave so much love to this liqueur. He loves it, my mum loves it, actually everyone who has tasted it, loves it. I dipped my finger in once to try it but even the smell is too strong for me. limecello In my kitchen…
…there are 3 tins of paint that are yet to be opened. We’re in the midst of a lounge room redecoration. And as we live in a rental, we’re painting what we can, the book shelves, and a couple of other cheeky highlights. paints In my kitchen…
…there is a bag of sprouting potatoes. We bought them from the Saturday farmer’s market weeks ago and didn’t use them, now with their strong sprouts, they’re ready to plant. potatoes In my kitchen…
…we have 3 bottles of different rhubarb preserves. These were given to me by a lovely lady from roller derby, she made them during a visit to Tasmania, where she came into a huge amount of rhubarb.rhubarb jams In my kitchen…
…is the last of our hotel shower cap collection. We use these to cover our rising breads and our bubbly sourdough starter instead of using tea towels or glad wrap. Hopefully J goes away for work again sometime soon!shower capsIn my kitchen…
…there are 6 bottles of our first ever batch of homemade vanilla extract. I’ve been using it in smoothies, cakes, biscuits, desserts and its fabulous! vanilla extract
What’s in your kitchen this month? Have you popped over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and had a look into some more kitchens?

32 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… September 2013

  1. Clare, how’re you feeling? No more roller derby for a while, I’ll bet.. πŸ˜‰ Hooray for bread (thank you for your kind words x), and hooray for vanilla extract – I’ve just opened a bottle which had been brewing for a couple of years, and the aroma was amazing! And I use elasticised plastic covers on my rising dough as well – it’s amazing how many times you can reuse them before they need changing! πŸ™‚

    1. No more roller derby until next year. Staying involved though, which is nice. Your bread recipes have changed our life! I’m going to start a new brew of vanilla extract and keep it resting for years! Thanks for the inspiration. The plastic covers are great! Occasionally one of ours will break and we’ll have to throw it out, but still much better than using glad wrap each time.

  2. OMG brilliant idea about using a shower cap for the bread! Im forever going through so many rolls of cling wrap. Now to find a bowl to fit a shower cap lol!

  3. I hope the pregnancy is progressing well. I love the look of your lemoncello. Congrats on making vanilla extract – that’s something I’ve been thinking of doing – one day! xx

    1. Thanks Charlie, I’m starting to feel much better. But there are up days and down days. The vanilla extract is perfection and so easy!

    1. Celia is a fantastic inspiration all round really πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to pick up a couple more shower caps next weekend too.

  4. Hm, very interesting. Rhubarb preserves – that sounds good to me, whatever they taste like. Good to hear the thought about shower caps, I always wondered what they were good for.

    1. Hi Chris, the rhubarb preserves are delicious. It’s now an ongoing competition to see if J or I can get more.

    1. Hahaha that’d be awesome Fiona! I’m thinking of getting others to donate their shower caps to the ‘Please help Clare beat her husband with how many shower caps she can collect’ appeal at EDB13! Celia has amazing instructions for vanilla extract!

  5. I’m in awe of that photo of Limoncello and also jealous that you have some. We first had it in Venice and then found it is made also on Gozo (part of the Malta where Shane Delia comes from).

    I have some Vanilla Extract sitting at the back of the pantry to mature. Now you’ve reminded me, I’ll have a little look at it!

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