In My Garden… September 2013

Not a lot has been happening in my garden over the last month.  I haven’t done any more planting, not too much wedding, but I am starting to see edible things pop up.

Like the bulbs of the beetroot.
beetroot These broccoli are getting huge, surrounding them is parsnips, beetroot, carrots and coriander.broccoli, parsnip, beetroot Sadly, our brussel sprouts still haven’t got any actual sprouts on them.  Maybe I’ll have to admit defeat.brussel sprouts My first ever home grown carrots.  Last time I planted carrots they all got eaten before this stage!  I’m super excited to be able to just grab them out of the ground and put them into our latest kitchen creation!carrots In the past, my coriander has always met the same fate as my carrots.  I’m astounded by the quantities and look forward to many a coriander pesto, or coriander and mussels or just adding coriander to absolutely everything! coriander My rhubarb plant is growing back so well!rhubarb And our first edible winter produce, sugar snap peas, they’re deliciously fresh and crunchy!  I’ll be surprised if many make it to the kitchen!sugar snap peas Our back garden bed, joins onto the chook pen.  The girls are so happy and healthy, providing us 3 eggs a day, they are the perfect addition to the garden.chickens It may look a little mess but this back garden is our perennials bed.  The spinach is going crazy, our spring onions, shallots and chives grow on and as things, like the broccoli, start to go to seed, we pull them out and feed them to the chickens.back gardenTO DO:

  • plant summer seeds – sun flowers, corn, tomatoes
  • continue to weed

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23 thoughts on “In My Garden… September 2013

  1. Hi Clare, your garden looks great. I’m impressed with the carrots. I struggle to grow them but I keep trying because they are something we use often. A friend told me Brussel sprouts need to be planted in January or they go to seed before time. Not sure whether you plant seeds or seedlings in January though.

    1. I’ve heard so many different things about brussel sprouts, they need to have a frost to produce, you need to trim leaves back, they need to get planted early… I think they’re tough and temperamental.

  2. Your garden is looking good, my coriander has been wonderful this winter, it is startin g to go to seed now. I have never had much luck with carrots, perhaps I beed to grow them in wionter too.

  3. Great that your coriander is doing so well. Mine has struggled a bit recently but is starting to look a little better. I see some beetroot salads in your future….

  4. Your garden looks wonderful Clare, so exciting to see the beetroot bulb popping up. We don’t have a veggie patch at the moment but I’ve always found it hard to grow carrots, they always grew small and twisted. Love that you’ve got chickens and are getting three eggs a day. I’ve just started buying eggs from someone who has chickens and am excited by the golden yellow yolks!

  5. hello from another garden share collective-r and soooo sorry i’m late! (better than never).
    i chuckled at your brussels sprouts – i have experimented with two purple sprouting brocs this year for the first time. one has lots of little heads happening – the other is all leaf! your chooks will love those greens anyway.
    am envious of your peas – they look so pretty, they are my favourite thing to have in the garden because of their delicate white flowers.

    1. Hi e/dig, thanks for popping in. There are still no brussel sprouts! I can’t believe it. The peas are delicious!

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