A Tough 3 Weeks…

The last 3 weeks have been tough for me.  My love of food has diminished, my passion for cooking faded and eating for the sake of eating has become a reality.  My energy levels have plummeted, and even with only two days of work a week, I find myself falling asleep before Masterchef even starts.

But I suppose these symptoms are all to be expected when you have someone leeching all your nutrition and energy.  That’s right; J and I have a little one on the way, expected arrival, mid-March!

For the last week of our trip to Nepal, the smell of the rotting rubbish on the street seemed to get worse and food wasn’t settling quite so well but I was hungry ALL the time and the prawn crackers that J loved needed to be eaten in another room!

I had a slight inkling that I was pregnant but I refused to spend our hard earned and perfectly budgeted holiday funds on a pregnancy test in Nepal (though, I did stop drinking cocktails after this inkling – sticking to shandies instead!), so I just waited until we got home.

The first night home was tough, after so many hours of travelling, a broken sleep was all my body could muster, and I was filled with anticipation.

The test was a resounding ‘positive’, and J’s initial response, although excited was “I thought you said we had a year.”

The reality has definitely hit home now, after our first ultrasound today. The morning sickness seems to have subsided and now that we’ve passed the ‘danger-zone’, the excitement is kicking in!

I’m hoping now that my appetite has returned things will return to normal around here and more recipes will get tested, tasted, photographed and written about, more restaurants will be reviewed and more gardening will happen.  So thank you all for your patience during my little hiatus.

46 thoughts on “A Tough 3 Weeks…

  1. Congratulations! I’m a very good real life aunty and can be a good twitter aunty too 🙂 That’s so awesome for you guys xx

  2. That’s lovely news for you both. The anticipation, surprise and joy of that first journey are exquisite. I hope you enjoy a smooth flight to parenthood 🙂

  3. Clare wow congratulations to both of you, a little one on the way how exciting, looking for an apple slice found your site read your grandmas recipe, and reading the blog your good news. Take care keep us posted keep safe xx

  4. ooops in all my excitement i actually forgot to reply here!!!

    BIGGEST CONGRATS EVERY BABY MUMMA! You already knwo how excited I am hahaha.



  5. What excellent news. Congratulations. What an exciting time in your lives. I hope now that that dreaded first trimester is over, you will start to feel better. I always loved the second trimester xx

  6. Oh Clare!! Congratulations darling! Motherhood is the best! Your life is going to be flipped upside down and over again and you know what? You wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
    I hear you on the inkling. When you know, you know. I remember standing outside a deli and my husband ordered freshly sliced prosciutto. Now, this wog would NEVER say no to Parma prosciutto but I turned it down. Something was up! Me apparently…That was 2 years ago and I can’t wait to do it all over again.
    Get ready, you have one hell of a journey ahead xx

  7. Woo Hoo for you guys. This is going to be the biggest adventure you ever go on. You wont need to travel (though at times you might want to, alone) overseas to get your fill of adrenaline.

    So So pleased for you both.

  8. Oh Congratulations!! I just had my baby girl at the end of June. What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on! I was really sick during my first trimester. Please feel free to email me if you need any advice! I tried so many different things! I’m happy for you…what a lucky little one to have a mom like you!

  9. Congrats again lady! Such an exciting time but I can only imagine how many changes you will have to experience. I think you have to try and not give yourself to hard of a time and let your body go through what it needs to do – i am sure all the things you love will come flooding back soon enough 🙂 xxx

  10. I somehow missed this: Congratulations!! Fantastic news. I hope your body is beginning to adjust and that you’re enjoying making plans for the future! x

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