In My Garden… August 2013

It’s been a joy to come home to our garden!  Being away for 5 weeks, I wasn’t sure which way our garden would go, either it could have all been eaten or it could have flourished.  Luckily, the later was true!

This garden under our window sill, houses beetroot, silver beet and brussel sprouts.  I have never grown brussel sprouts before, I know they grown up on a long shoot, but I’m not sure if what you can see at the left of the picture is the shoot or if it’s going to seed.  I’d love any brussel sprout tips you may have!garden under the window beetrootThe beetroot leaves are looking to healthy and strong, now we’re just waiting on the taproots to grow before we can start eating them.beets under the kitchen windowSilver beet is growing so strong, that soon we’re going to have an over abundance.  We’re going to have to find a local vegetable swap, so that we can share our amazing produce.
back garden bed This bed is right down the back of our garden, behind the chook shed.  It was actually our first garden bed in this house. Sadly it’s been a little forgotten with us spreading the veggie garden love to the rest of our back yard.  Down here we have broccoli, and amazing spinach plant, spring onions, chives, and sweet peas.  There’s also rogue potato plants.garlic, sage, rosemary, onion If you squint really hard you can see in the front and just right of center a rosemary shoot flowering.  I cut off soft branches from a plant at a school I regularly work at, and now have 5 shoots flowering over all of our different garden beds.  Almost dead center you can see a struggling sage plant.  To the left there’s garlic growing strongly and to the right there’s 100’s of onion seedlings.   centre bed The onions in the front of this picture are the same as the onions in the last one.  Before we left everything in this garden had been eaten by black birds and snails.  So I took any winter seeds we had lying around and I sprinkled them around this garden bed.  I was so excited to see parsnips, more beetroot, carrots and first the first successful time in our garden, coriander.  garlic, onions rhubarb Right by our back-door there’s a bed abound with onions, more garlic and a rhubarb plant that’s come back from the brink of death.

There’s not too much on the to-do list, except wait and weed.  It’s been such a joy rediscovering our garden since being home and I can’t wait to see what else pops through the winter soil.

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36 thoughts on “In My Garden… August 2013

  1. Your garden is looking pretty darn good after 5 weeks away. I would be so proud of your efforts of tough love have paid off. Your leafy greens all look really healthy too. Keep up the weeding and watering and enjoy your harvest.

    1. I’m so excited about how the garden is going! I really can’t wait for things to get a little bigger so that we can actually use them 🙂

  2. hello from another garden sharer-collective-r! you garden looks lush and wonderful!
    i laughed at your rogue potato plants. when i first moved into my house, the vegie garden beds were full of potatos – that’s obviously what the previous owners did with their kitchen scraps! (and perhaps all they ate?!).
    your beetroots – i’m envious. i love homegrown beetroots and will have to add then to my spring planting list.

    1. I’ve got a few more potatoes to plant today! Beetroots are great at any time of year, I just can’t wait for ours to grow some bulbs.

  3. I can’t believe how good your garden looks after 5 weeks away!! I can’t help you regarding the brussels sprouts, I’m growing them for the first time too, and nothing is yet to sprout…

    1. I’ve done a little brussel sprout research, and I think a little leaf/sprout picking needs to happen.

  4. Hello – thanks for the tour of your garden – I am going to love watching it grow. The one shoot that you can see is not how Brussels Sprouts grow, but thankfully it is only one. The rest may be fine.
    What do you usually row on that archway? I am debating between beans and cucumbers this year – last year I moved it to the veggie garden to accommodate a feral pumpkin.

    1. At the moment there’s sweet peas growing up there and then over summer I’ll plant climbing cucumbers.

  5. You can never have too much silverbeet – with a surplus I often just quickly cook in its own washing water (so pretty dry, just a sprinkle), chop and freeze – I use it all the time!!

    1. That’s such a great idea to blanch and freeze! I was just saying to J that over this summer I’d like to freeze more produce than canning it. Thank you.

    1. I was in awe when I woke up that first morning, and it’s been doing even better since, still without any help from us.

  6. It looks like your garden survived your time away beautifully. How exciting to have so many things growing. I love the planter box under your window xx

    1. It really did wonders, we haven’t been picking too much out of it yet. I need to come up with more ideas for what to do with silverbeet.

  7. I’m totally impressed with that result after 5 weeks away. Sadly, I can’t seem to keep anything alive except agaves… lucking we have a great local farmers market nearby.

  8. Your garden is looking fab. I’m growing Brussel Sprouts for the first time this year too. My plants have thick stalks with a cabbage like head on top. the sprouts seem to be developing along the upright stalk. Mine are very small though – miniature sprouts. Your flower stalk looks like one which has bolted and I doubt it will produce anything usable. I reckon if you look at the stems of the other plants you might see some little sprout developing ???

    1. My stalks are only quite thin, with no cabbage like head. But I’m just going to wait and see. I’ve also read that I need to pinch off some of the lower stalks.

  9. Hi Clare your garden is looking great, looks like you will have a great harvest over the next few weeks. Good luck with the sprouts.

    1. Thanks Louie, I’m hoping a few other things will kick off, so that we can get a whole meal from our garden.

  10. Your garden has absolutely flourished while you were away – such an inspiration, you have so mnay yummy things in there. We only have lemons and parsley at the moment hehe.
    My dad said that the best time to plant your summer garden is the long weekend in October so I am going to do some planting then, nothing better then fresh tomatos through out summer.

    1. I’ve looked up this long weekend, I don’t know that we get it here. But I’m going to start thinking about spring/summer planting soon.

  11. Hi there, i would have to agree that i think your brussel sprouts have gone to seed. Don’t stress, mine did too. Apparently the unseasonal warmth has fooled them into seeding. What can you do huh!

    1. Yeah I’ve heard they only fruit after a frost. I’m leaving the others there, I pulled out the one that bolted, and I’ll just wait and see.

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