In My Kitchen… August 2013

It’s been a massive 2 weeks since we returned to Australia from Nepal.  There are absolutely more Nepal posts on the way, but just for the minute it’s taking me a little while to settle back into our regular program here on our little urban farm in Portarlington.

In my kitchen…

…we have my favourite new kitchen tool, a lime squeezer.  We bought it from a street stall in Nepal after seeing someone use one when we ordered a sandwich.  It’s been a fantastic addition to our kitchen, squeezing lime into soda water and squeezing 1kg of limes for J’s batch of lime marmalade.

lime squeezerIn my kitchen…

…There is jars and jars of J’s lime marmalade.  It set wonderfully, and tastes delicious (even if I generally have an aversion to marmalade).

Jay's lime marmaladeIn my kitchen…

…is this beautiful smelling Kashmiri Saffron.  We bought it from a little shop next to J’s friend the rug seller.  We spent many an afternoon drinking Kashmiri tea with Yousef.  The tea had saffron, cinnamon, cardamom pods, honey and green tea.  Delicious!  So we had to buy saffron to be able to replicate this satisfying tea at home.

saffronIn my kitchen…

…is a yet to be opened bag of meat and momo masala.  I can’t wait to make up a big batch of momo’s (Nepalese dumplings), and sprinkle this spice mix into the meat mixture/

momo & meat masalaThe kitchen has been a pretty empty place in the last couple of weeks.  It’s been a place of necessity, rather than joy.  Hopefully the coming weeks (maybe even over the weekend), the joy and passion will return!

Do you ever loose your passion to cook?

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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… August 2013

  1. Welcome back. Looks like you found some cool stuff. Yes, definitely i sometimes lose my mojo in the kitchen. Usually, its when ive got some good books but sometimes it just seems like too much effort when the guys would be just as happy with toasted sandwiches.

    1. It was an amazing trip! I’ve managed to cook what I need to so far and hopefully I’m on my way out of my rut.

  2. Look at the treasure you came home with! That little lime squeezer looks very sturdy, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with using your masala mix. Great marmalade too, although like you, I’m not a big fan.. x

    1. It’s nice to know someone else isn’t a fan of marmalade! I can’t wait to crack open the masala mix, but we haven’t yet as I’ve had to have a break from Nepali food.

  3. Wow you certainly came back with lots of treasures! Did the saffron cost a bomb? I’ve never tried it in a tea, certainly sounds intriguing! Cant wait to hear more about your holiday 🙂 Hope you get your cooking mojo back soon xx

  4. Love all these little Nepalese additions to your kitchen. I really want to try momo’s I love all things dumpling related hehe.
    I use to hate cooking at our old house, our kitchen was tiny and not user friendly but since moving into our new place I am slowly getting back into it!
    I hope your passion returns soon xx

  5. The ‘In My Kitchens’ this month seem to have a lot of iron and metal ware in them. I love those squeezers – so simple, so efficient. I have some saffron from Nepal too although I’ve never been. My husband brought it back from his trek – perfect gift! You’ll be up and running again in the kitchen in no time.

  6. The Kashmiri tea sounded comforting and wonderful. Hope you’ve had a chance to sit down and enjoy some while you settle in at home again. My passion for cooking wanes periodically, but there seems to be an ebb and flow to everything in life. When it happens, I acknowledge it for what it is — a phase. Be patient with yourself — cook simple meals — take care of your needs. The same goes for blogging. I intended to take a break from it in August, but another blogging friend wrote an “In My Kitchen” post… I looked up Celia’s blog… and the rest is history. 😉 Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it! Take care.

    1. The Kashmiri tea is lovely. You’re comment was so nice and made me realise that it’s ok to just go with it. Thank you.

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