Cocktails and Pizza

Behind us lay 140km, 2500 vertical meters, 10 days of trekking, 2 days of waiting and 2 small airplane flights. We were back in Kathmandu, and with the promise of pizza ahead of us.

After 10 days of rice, noodles and tough buffalo meat, I was allowing myself a night off from Nepalese food. Apparently the ‘thing’ to do after a Khumbu Valley trek is eat pizza at the famous Fire and Ice pizza restaurant, says J.

We showered, oh my god did we ever need it, and sorted out clothes for washing, then celebration was in order! What we’d just completed was huge! Dolled up to the nines, in the cleanest of our dirty clothes, cocktails were definitely in order and for NRP 280 ($3.50 AUD) for 2, who could say no!

Pub Maya is this great bar, right in the center of Thamel, the tourist district, but yet still void of travelers, you’d think the sign announcing cheap 2 for 1 cocktails would draw them in? After walking up a steep flight of creaky metal stairs we positioned ourselves on the balcony for prime people watching.

As like most places we visit, the server remembered J and was very chatty. We started with a recommendation, Maya Mix (below right) – gin, vodka, rum, bandy, whiskey, lemon juice, lemonade and an orange wedge, delicious!

20130710-060106.jpgNext was Blue Angel (left) – vodka, pineapple juice, blue curaçao, crushed ice, desiccated coconut, fresh mint, topped off with a cherry. And finally Zombie (center) – dark rum, brandy, pineapple juice, lime juice and crushed ice.

Once we were suitably sloshed, and the bill was paid, we clambered back down the metal stairs and made our way to Fire and Ice. Just on the edge of the tourist district, the clientele was a mix between locals, always a sign of good food, and travelers. The restaurant was opened by an Italian woman, Annamaria Forgione in 1995, and serves perfect Italian cuisine and coffee, a great reprieve from typical Nepali fare.

We were greeted by very attentive wait staff, a menu with 28 different pizza options, as well as pasta, lasagne and other Italian delicacies. Beers and pizza were ordered, while we waited for these to arrive, the people watching recommenced. One if my favourite things about Nepal as been watching people, locals and tourists alike. I love the colourful Saris and Kurta Salwa on the women and the men are so animated. Watching tourists always proves entertaining; the way they try to be so kind to the beggars on the street, the street sellers and markets stall owners, also the crazy array of fashions always catch my eye.

20130711-155128.jpgWith our beer came a bottle of chilli infused olive oil, I’d watched people drizzling it onto their pizza. The pizza quickly followed. The first bite was heaven, that first taste of food that’s been in your dreams but been completely out of reach, finally satisfying a craving, crispy bacon, steamed spinach and salty cheese atop a perfectly cooked chewy pizza base.

20130711-155226.jpgThat’s where heaven started slipping away. My mouth started to feel oily, a sensation that had become unfamiliar to me, the recognisable cramps began in my stomach, a reminder that my body has become unaccustomed to yeast (since sourdough has entered our lives) and guilt of caving to well known desire for fast foods.

20130711-155239.jpgWe finished the pizza, don’t get me wrong, it was good, but decided to stick to Nepalese from then on.

Have you ever made a decision you regretted while traveling? Ever done something you wish you could change?

16 thoughts on “Cocktails and Pizza

  1. Hope your tummy was ok but a bit worried about your head after those cocktails, which looked deliciously alcoholic.

  2. Congrats on completing the journey. I can imagine how good it must have been to have had a shower. It’s a shame cocktails aren’t that price in Sydney – I’d certainly go out more xx

  3. Oh have I! When we were in Thailand on our honeymoon I convinced Will that we should eat in town. I went against every rule and chose a restaurant that was practically dessert and ordered noodles (which I assumed would be fresh right?).
    I paid for it that night. I’ve never been so sick in my life and just when we thought we couldn’t know each other any better…
    You definitely earned your shower. Oh how lovely it must have been!

  4. That looks like the perfect way to celebrate such a massive achievement! Well, despite the regret hehe. I regret going to the pizza bar in Oslo last weekend, but unfortunately it was the best pizza of my life so it’s hard to regret. As a rule, I only try to eat local foods when overseas. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. I swear when ever I have a craving overseas for food that I don’t normally eat I should not indulge as I always end up sick. Like the time I ate pizza in mexico – not only do they not really use cheese the pizza’s toppings were very unusual the base was good or the time I wanted to eat ice-cream in Peru, that was an experience and I have never really eaten ice-cream again or the time I drank cocktails in Cambodia which were $2 each and they all tasted like rocket fuel not Bombay sapphire. Love travelling.
    I do love laundry day when travelling that is for sure. Looks like you had a great trip.

  6. What an adventure! You have done so well and I know about that needing a shower thing and how blissful it is when you finally get one. I need some of those cocktails right now.

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