A Quick Hello from Nepal

‘I have absolutely no idea what I’m in for’ was my last thought before I landed. I was right. I expected crazy 10 times what greeted us. I’m lucky… I have the best guide ever, willing to show me and take me where ever my heart desires, friends of his to help us out along the way, and a very open mind.

<href=”http://clarereilly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/20130621-040130.jpg”&gt;20130621-040130.jpgThe streets of Asan, just outside of Thamel (the tourist district) are filled with people, motorbikes, pushbikes and the occasional car or truck. Prayer flags fill the open spaces between the 400 year old buildings. There’s not so much street selling, and people generally leave you alone once you’ve said ‘No’.20130621-040137.jpgHorns beeping, people yelling, saris of all colours, ancient buildings, prayer flags, the smell of raw sewage and then the overwhelming smell of street spice stalls. My senses have been on high alert since we landed in Kathmandu.20130621-044313.jpg
<href=”http://clarereilly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/20130621-040145.jpg”&gt;20130621-040145.jpgNepal doesn’t do street food as much as Thailand, but we did come across these samosa, 20NRP (about 25 cents) for 4 of these hot, crunchy delights, filled with a spiced vegetable filling. They tided us over until dinner. 20130621-040149.jpgDinner was buffalo momo’s, a Napalese dumpling, served hot but with a cold tomato based sauce. The sauce is spooned over each momo before eating, then you spoon up the momo and put the whole thing in your mouth in one go. The cold spiced sauce, combined with the hot and spicy buffalo meat, encased in the delicate dumpling dough was the perfect introduction to Napelese dining.

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18 thoughts on “A Quick Hello from Nepal

  1. I want to be there, so be a discriptive as you can. Im living vicariously through your journey. Lots and lots of pics please and all 5 senses.

    1. Lynda, I’ll keep posting about Nepal even though I’m home, so hopefully that’ll fulfil your descriptive needs!

  2. It sounds like there is quite a contrast between life in Australia and life in Nepal. I think the smell of raw sewerage must be quite concerning and hard to believe it happens in this day and age. The food is incredibly cheap xx

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