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It’s funny how the world leads to you people that you didn’t know, you needed to know.

A few weeks ago, we had a friend come to stay from New Zeland, via Queensland.  She needed time away from her life, as most of us do every now and again.  And used our house as a refuge.  Once she’d booked her tickets to come and visit, she realised that she knew others not too far from us.

My friend’s friend, Ailsa, settled in Leopold after living the high life as a rafting guide all over the world.  Now if you know rafting guides, or Leopold, you’ll understand the strangeness of this occurring.  But lucky for me we share a common understanding of going from Outdoor Education to the suburbs. 

Ailsa gets precious little time alone, as most mothers do, so I was honoured when she agreed to spending some of that time with me.

Elkhorn Roadhouse

Elk Horn Roadhouse is my favourite place for brunch at the moment, the menu is inspired and difficult to choose from. 

I felt nervous when I pulled into the car park, just off Wallington Road, like I was going on a first date.  Ailsa had nearly finished her coffee when I arrived, and I ordered a pot of Love Chai.  Three cups of tea out of a pot is ideal and allowed Ailsa and I time to catch up, to get to know each other. 

Love ChaiAfter perusing the menu, I decided on being indecisive and chose the Elk Horn Half & Half, Ailsa ordered the Corn Fritters. Elk Horn Roadhouse breakfast

The half & half allows the indecisive, like me, to have a little of everything.  A small serve of poached Moriac free range eggs with either Istra pork sausage or Istra bacon, with half a serve of Elk Horn granola, local honey and Love Chai infused Drysdale goat’s yoghurt and fruit.

Elk Horn half and half

The corn fritters are served with Moriac free range poached eggs, a fresh black bean salsa, Drysdale Goats Fettina and a wedge of lemon, served on baby spinach leaves.

corn fritters - elkhorn roadhouse

Ailsa’s phone beeped and she was alerted to the fact that her 9 month old son was awake and hungry, it was time for her to return to her motherly duties, only then did I realise that we had talked non-stop for two and a half hours.

It was one of those occasions where I felt like I could just be myself, we had engaging banter back and forth for two and a half hours and I can’t wait to do it again.  Thanks Ailsa.

Elk Horn Interior Elk Horn Roadhouse shopHow do you feel about making new friends?  Do you get that first date feeling?

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8 thoughts on “Elk Horn Roadhouse

  1. I’m always nervous meeting people for the first time. I’m so glad I don’t have to do on-line dating – that would be so much worse and then if you don’t like them, how do you politely end it! I think I would have had the corn fritters – they look really good xx

    1. I could never have online dated! I’ve had such great luck with meeting people/new friends recently! I’m not sure of the polite way to end a first friend date.

  2. I can solo relate. After being an expat for the last few years I can’t tell you how many potential girlfriend blind dates I’ve been on. Mind you I’ve set a few up too. It’s always nice when you hit it off, although a bit ‘blind date-ish’ at the beginning. We always joke whether to wait 3 days for a follow up text to suggest lunch or to just say it there and then. Glad you found a new friend through a friend – isn’t that how the best relationships/friendships start?!

    1. The best friendships definitely start through other friends. I hadn’t though about the follow up text. We suggested a couple of follow up dates during breakfast but sadly haven’t had time to catch up since!

    1. I think Leopold is great, it just seemed a funny place for her to settle. The food there is fantastic!

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