In My Kitchen… June 2013

In my kitchen…

…there is our garbage system. Not perfect, needs a little work but does the trick right now.

rubbish system

In my kitchen…

…is a basket of veggies. Our fortnights vegetable shop cost us $18. I love finding inventive ways to use up what we have left.


In my kitchen…

…Maggie sits patiently on the bench, frothing up in bubbling for her new adventure. A ginger beer and honey fruit loaf.

ginger beer sourdough starter gingerbeer and honey fruit loaf

In my kitchen…

…is beautiful, fresh, locally grown meats. Or butcher is wonderful and completely open to our many questions about where everything comes from. Β This weekend we bought their house smoked bacon, their cured ham hock, homemade cabanossi, and some sliced ham off the bone.

Portarlington Meats

In my kitchen…

…yet another pot of soup sits boiling away on the stove. This time ham hock and mixed vegetable.

ham and vegetable soup

In my kitchen…

…a list of things to do before we go away sits on the table. It’s growing and having things crossed off daily. Currently on the top of the list is, purchase more chicken food.

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16 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… June 2013

  1. Hi Clare,
    I would be very interested to know where this butcher is. I live in drysdale and am looking for somewhere to buy such things. Alos, think I may buy the same manure as you lol.

    1. Tanya, thanks so much for your comment. The butcher is in Portarlington on Brown St. It really is a great butcher! She does great manure doesn’t she! πŸ™‚

  2. I wish my vegetable bill was $18/fortnight. I would spend that per day. I love the look of the ham hock soup. So many vegetables! What a lovely warming dinner xx

    1. The soup was lovely! We’ve only recently discovered the local farmers market and it has reduced our veggie bill a lot!

  3. That soup look great and yes, i would love a local butcher that’s small and friendly. Ours are all majors or wholesale with many butchers. No time for chat.

  4. Could you please bring a big pot of soup over for us? It looks absolutely wonderful! I’m so excited to see Maggie’s newest loaf and those pork products look delicious, Clare! πŸ™‚

  5. Your local butcher sounds fab and I am intrigued by Maggie. Would love to hear how the loaf turns out and your kitchen sounds very interesting.

  6. Love the soup. We buy our vegetables every day to keep them fresh. But your garden will supply you with even fresher ones. At the moment, our kitchen is full of dirty dishes from a dinner party my son held last night. He said he would wash them this morning but he is still asleep and it’s after midday.

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