23 thoughts on “Grandma’s Apple Slice – Update

      1. I have just found this recipe on Facebook. I used it adding cinnamon to the mix and using up some light soft brown sugar. I will certainly be making it again. We all loved it and it was sooo easy.

  1. I love this! I made the slice yesterday as I had a few too many apples lying around and it is gorgeous! Yummy, quick and easy – all of which are important to me! It’s making a quick entry into my recipe notebook as a collectors item.

    1. Paula, I’m honoured to hear that you made it. I think the best part is that you would usually have the ingredients in your pantry.

  2. Whoo hoo! Found your blog thru this yummy apple slice – god, I love the www!
    Have loved your musings/recipes/and insights.
    Made this apple slice today and we’re all waiting for “after dinner” to come around so we can tuck in!!
    Thx Clare☺

  3. Dear Clare,
    I live in Suffolk, England and yesterday my husband and I were walking past a market stall where he spotted apple slice for sale so I said I would try and make some when we got home. It was then that I found your recipe + lovely family story on the internet. I had all the ingredients and made it straight away … delicious! It will definitely be a regular family favourite of ours now so thank you and your Grandma! It also reminded me of a visit four years ago to see friends and family in Melbourne. Kind regards, Jane.

  4. Found this recipe via a Facebook post…..in the oven now.”.loved the story and can not wait to taste it.

  5. Just gets better! Reminds me of my Mum’s recipes … “bake ’til cooked” You were taught to cook, so recipes assumed prior knowledge of cooking methods and appliance use. Thanks, Clare, still smiling!

  6. I’ve made the apple cake, it’s a easy cake to make and so delicious, I’ve also past it on to my 86 year old mother who also likes it as a pudding with custard. Now my rubbarb is ready I’m thinking I might try that instead of apples

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