Building Bee Boxes

I looked, with confusion, into the green bag of wooden pieces, looking a bit like a flat pack bookshelf, there was also a roll of wire and a zip lock bag of little gold eyelets.

How the hell was I supposed to put this thing together?

Luckily I had a lifeline, I was going to take ‘phone-a-friend’.  Derek who ran the beekeeping course, seemed like a pretty approachable guy, so I shot him an email to ask his advice.

I needed to find out which screws and glues to use for the various elements.

I got an email back saying that we would be able to combine with building of my first ever super and a couple of frames with my final session of the course.

It was simple enough in the end, we used liquid nails and some treated pine, countersunk self embedding 75mm screws. There was little grooves to help with the construction.  What’s left to do on the box is using a sharp chisel to scrape off the excess glue and then paint it in 3 coats of white water based acrylic paint.

bee frames

The frames have proven to be a little bit more tricky. They’re small, fiddly, difficult to get square. For these we used 30mm x 1.4mm nails, and wood glue. I snapped one arm, but luckily we had spares.

Have you ever needed to use a lifeline to build something?

12 thoughts on “Building Bee Boxes

  1. I would be hopeless. I think instead of ‘phone a friend’ I’d be, ‘phone a carpenter’. Good on you for taking up the challenge xx

    1. Thanks Charlie, it was a lot cheaper to make them ourselves and I was really interested to know how they were built in case we needed to fix them at some point.

    1. I can’t wait for the first batch of honey too. I’m really excited to give it away actually!

    1. It’s been so exciting to see it come together and as I said to Charlie, I’m worried about having to fix it, so needed to know how it all went together.

    1. It’s taken us a really long time to get it built. But we’re getting there, just a little bit at a time.

  2. I’ve never tried to build anything! I want to be able to – it’d be nice to be able to point and something and say “I made that!”

    1. I love building little bits and pieces but I feel like this is the most serious thing I’ve been in charge of. It’s going to be our little bee’s home.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I’m feeling pretty proud of us too. I hope it all goes to plan though!

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